Good morning, fellow IANites. I hope that you are well and in good health.

I am not, alas. I have some kind of terrible virus that came out of nowhere and felled me like a tree. I have been in bed all day, guarded by Cornelius the Watch Cat.

I am using my IPad. I don't have the strength to sit on the yoga ball in front of the computer. I didn't have a draft with the IAN template or a diary that was almost done.

My apologies, but please do check in. Or edit this =)

Itzl AlertingAs you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, or other such things that could keep us off DKos. It's also so we can find other Kossacks nearby for in-person checks when other methods of communication fail - a buddy system. Members come here to check in. If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, etc.), we and your buddy are going to check up on you. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here.  We care!
We have split up the publishing duties, but we welcome everyone in IAN to do daily diaries for the group!  Every member is an editor, so anyone can take a turn when they have something to say, photos and music to share, a cause to promote or news!  If you would like to write a diary, let us know in a comment.
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