I've written diaries on the best sitcoms that came from the 1970s and the 1980s, and I thought I was missing the key point in television history, the 60' and 50s.

If it is Monday - Friday chances are I am watching an oldies station and watching a program I've highlighted below. I do not watch "new" tv unless it is football or baseball, as a rule. I find myself watching what is known as "Classic" TV, often coming from the 50's and the 60's.

There is something about TV from these times that seems at one point hilarious and at the other innocent. I am not sure how to phrase it.

I've put some of my favorites below, but I am sure that some of yours are missing, please feel free to add some of yours.

So settle down a spell, pull up a seat, and lets talk classic television.

Leave it to Beaver

Dick Van Dyke Show

I love Lucy

Andy Griffith Show

Patty Duke Show

Hogan’s Heroes

The Honneymooners

Green Acres

Petticoat Junction

Beverly Hillbillies


The best 50s/60's show was:

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