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Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
The Inoculation Project, founded in 2009 by hyperbolic pants explosion, is a group of Kossacks who gather weekly to combat the anti-science push in conservative America by providing direct funding to science and math projects in red state classrooms. Our conduit is DonorsChoose.org, a thirteen-year-old organization rated highly by both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau. Here's a little introductory video about DonorsChoose. DonorsChoose.org allows you to make direct contributions to specific, vetted projects in public school classrooms, resulting in tremendous and immediate impacts from small dollar donations. Each week, we focus on funding a single small-dollar project at a time, in a traditionally red state classroom and preferably in a high-poverty district.
Look for us every SUNDAY morning at 10 AM ET/ 7 AM PT.

This Week's Main Project
Project: B- Eye- Ology

Resources Needed: 60 mammalian eyes to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the eye and compare the eyes to the human eye.
School Poverty Level: High
Location:  Alfred Bonnabel High School in Kenner, LA
Total Cost: $215.25
Still Needed: $135.25 Completed! Thank you.
Expires: Feb 10, 2014

Teacher's Comments from Mrs. Taylor-Ireland:

My Students: When you think of a science classroom, you think of microscopes and test tubes with bubbling liquids. My students have not had this experience in their past high school courses. My students have not conducted labs or watched "science" before their eyes.

My students live in urban Louisiana in a diverse area. My classroom is a science classroom for seniors taking AP Biology. These are students who have worked hard to make their way to the top of the class. These are students who are striving to reach college.

Through taking AP Biology, my students will be ready to compete in a college level science course and do well. My students attend a public high school that is crowded and underfunded. My students have not completed lab-based science classes. My students desire improved education because they realize that education is their ticket out of their current low income situation.

My Project: With the mammalian eye dissection kits, my students will be able to complete a dissection lab. They will not only review the anatomy and physiology of the eye, they will be able to dissect a physical eye and label the proper structures. Besides anatomy, students will learn proper dissection skills such as handling the scalpel and T-pins. This lab will prepare my students to future, more complex dissections. The eye lab will show my students the essential theme in Biology which is, " Structure determines function".

This project is important because as Senior in high school, these students are preparing to enroll in college and enter the adult world. Dissections will solidify critical thinking skills and also build upon basic knowledge of the human body so students will know how their own body functions in comparison to fellow mammals.

Donations of ANY size DID make a BIG difference!

We try to focus on the main project until it is completely funded, and then move on to the bonus project. If a project doesn't meet its funding goal by its deadline, it dies and any donations to it are referred to their donors to be moved to another project. For that reason, we don't like to split our sometimes limited resources between two open projects. Of course the choice of project to which you donate (if any!) is entirely yours.
Bonus Project #1
When the main project is finished, let's work on this one.
Project: Moving With STEM

Resources Needed: these electrical parts to complete a go-kart conversion project that began last school year.
School Poverty Level: High
Location: New Hanover High School in Wilmington, NC
Total Cost: $542.49
Still Needed: $127.49 Completed. Thank you!
Expires: Feb 05, 2014

Teacher's Comments from Mr. Moore:

My Students: How often did you find yourself sitting in a classroom bored and daydreaming? In my classroom, the boredom is lifting and the daydreaming is centering on riding around in a go-kart the students are building. There's a definite buzz in my classroom.

As with many high schools in an urban setting, there is great diversity among my students. My students come to me with a wide range of abilities, knowledge and skills; not to mention economic and cultural backgrounds. One thing they do have in common is a desire to design and build.

My Project: My students need these electrical parts to complete a go-kart conversion project. With these resources my students will be able to continue work started last school year. We began converting a gas powered go-kart to electric power with none of us having any experience doing so. It was excitement, interest and desire alone that kept us going despite limited resources. Although we were unable to even see the motor turn a gear, the excitement still overpowered the disappointment. Students are still interested, excited and committed to seeing this go-kart conversion completed.

The scientific, mathematics, engineering and design skills and knowledge they are gaining is powerful. My students have been seeing first hand, in a concrete way, how science and math influence design and engineering decisions. They are learning what all their academic efforts are building towards; they are seeing the practical application.

With your support, my students will be able to realize what they can only imagine now. They see what has been started, they have an idea of where we are headed, and are eager to get to the end.

Having worked with professional engineers from the beginning, students are becoming exposed and excited about what the future may hold for them. They are seeing how their interest in designing and building can lead to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Donations of ANY size DID make a BIG difference!


Last week's main project, Oops, I Did It Again, was completed. Louisiana middle school students will have a variety of habitats to interact with and study. You can see the teacher's thank-you note at the link. Many thanks to all contributors!

See our list of successfully funded projects. We're up to 372!

As of Saturday night, these bonus projects from previous weeks remain open:

Project: K'Nex For Alaska - Energy And Motion - Inquiry Learning
Still Needed: $80.71
Expires: Dec 21, 2013

Project: Making Mountains Out of Molehills
Still Needed: $60.89
Expires: Jan 04, 2014

Project: Classroom Habitats
Still Needed: $318.44 $283.44
Expires: Dec 17, 2013
When projects are not fully funded by their expiration date, donors are contacted by DonorsChoose and asked to choose another project to which to redirect their donations.

How is the poverty level defined at DonorsChoose.org?
Poverty level refers to the percentage of students at a given school who qualify for free and reduced lunch, which is considered a measure of economic need. To be deemed eligible for free lunch, a student's family income must be within 130% of the poverty line (a max of $29,055 for a family of four). For reduced lunch, the family income must be within 185% of the poverty level (a max of $41,348 for a family of four).

Schools with 10%-39% of students receiving free/reduced lunch are denoted as "moderate poverty" while schools with more than 40% of students receiving free/reduced lunch are denoted as "high poverty". For projects submitted from a school where free lunch rate data is unavailable or unreliable, "Poverty Data Unavailable" will appear.
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