Enough. The last nine items to be HR'd that weren't spam were comments from diaries from and about Ted Rall. People who never draw HRs are getting handed boxes of donuts.

Okay, I've only been here five years. I've missed out, I'm told, on some of the most famous or infamous pie fights on the site. So, you veterans of previous flame wars, check me on this: Has any single person ever drawn so many users into so many and various fights so quickly before?

I don't know whether Ted Rall is a racist, or an artist, or even a Democrat. I don't think it matters, right now. I do think he's a master at polarizing opinions and the people who hold them, and I suspect he enjoys watching other people fight about him and his work. Could anyone manage to get so many people up in arms, so very quickly, about so many things, purely by accident? It boggles the mind.

Generally, once things start going really meta, there's a flareup and then a pause, either from exhaustion or some feeling of "oops, this really was over the top", and then things die down. This one seems to be restarting itself regularly, and the thing that seems to me that helps kick it off each new time is some comment that includes "Well, Ted said..."

People, I think we've been had.

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