How about that idea as a way to reduce gun violence and really challenge the NRA?

People who do not know how to use guns safely or are mentally unhinged threaten people's domestic tranquility and ultimate violate it. The Newtown children had theirs violated.

2nd Amendement rights come with responsibilities. A well-regulated militia can use guns and arms, people who know how to use them safely and ensure other's domestic tranquility. Regulations should be put in place to respect both key parts of the Constitution at the same time.

Ensure domestic tranquility is in the preamble of the Constituition.

Background checks can prevent guns from getting in the hands of those who cannot use them safely, thereby ensuring domestic tranquility.

By working with that, we can really reduce gun violence.

Elizabeth Warren can lead from this argument and if people are against this, we can say they are against a key aspect of the Constitution.

I think the gun debate should not be a debate at all and it is very straightforward what policies should be.

If anyone disagrees, what is a alternative way to really stop this gun violence epidemic and hold the NRA/bad guys accountable (besides getting rid of money in politics)?


Ensuring domestic tranquiity a good idea and policy?

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