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Here are a few excerpts from the February Harper's Index:

• Percentage of Americans who say that corruption in their government is “widespread”: 73

• Percentage of self-identifying libertarians who are men: 68

• Who are white: 94

• Estimated number of cities around the world that had bike-share programs in 2006: 25

• That have them today: 670

• Minimum number of nonviolent criminals serving life without parole in the United States: 3,278

• Percentage of those life sentences that were legally mandatory: 81

• Number of days former Texas district attorney Ken Anderson spent in jail for withholding evidence in a 1987 murder trial: 4

• Number of days spent in prison by the innocent man Anderson helped convict: 8,995

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2013'Pro-life' terrorists super excited about this year's Fetuspalooza:

Ah, January in Washington, D.C. Bare trees, icy sidewalks, inauguration plans underway—andterrorists dressed up like sweet little grandmothers bussing to the nation's capital, ready for their annual celebration of restricting women's access to health care.

That's right, it's time for Fetuspalooza 2013!

Ever since the Supreme Court held in 1973 that yes, women have the right to decide whether and when they want to have children—a right that has been redefined, restricted and outright denied ever since—the fetus fetishists have gathered for the "March for Life" to either celebrate or mourn, depending on just how successful their war on women and doctors has been in the preceding year. In 2012, 19 states passed 43 new laws restricting reproductive rights, so you figure there will be an awful lot of celebrating at this year's march.

Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post writes about one such fetus fetishist who has devoted her life to terrorizing the Allegheny Reproductive Health Center in Pennsylvania and is very excited about her upcoming four-hour bus trip to "to spend the day with 100,000 other people who feel the same way that I do"—meaning, of course, a big group hug with thousands of other like-minded terrorists.

Tweet of the Day:

A police officer came up to me yesterday and said, "Where were you between four and six?" I said, "Kindergarten"

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