Just saw this on my local news.  Can it be true?  

It's the end of the Colbert Report!!!

Whatever shall I do???

I know, not a diary, but I am at a loss for words, which is rare for me :-D

OK, now that I have had a few minutes to process this, I am calming down.

i really did not want this to happen, even though I understand why it might be the best thing for his long term future.

The only good thing I can see is that his liberal voice will be coming to broadcast television, and that will make it easier for more people to get that political message.  Considering the influence he had when he was on Comedy Central, his reach may be extended by being on one of the major networks.

He is an excellent interviewer, and of course he can do the comedy (although I'm not sure about a monologue).  And he will probably find a good house band.

But it means we lose the character and the voice of that character right before the 2016 election when we really need it.

Maybe he is getting tired of the character, or getting tired of doing it every night.

Maybe we will have Colbert Report special editions or something.

Maybe every night will feature a segment from "Stephen Colbert" so he can comment on the issues of the day.

But right now I can't think of a way that this will work...

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