Loretta Weinberg is the co-chair of the New Jersey committee, investigating the reason(s) for the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, for nearly a week last September.  Senator Weinberg was also the one raising the alarm and asking questions about this unprecedented and dangerous commuter experiment, as it was happening (with 'carbon copies' to Chris Christie and David Samson, for good measure).

Senator Weinberg still wants answers as to WHY this was done, to the citizens of northern New Jersey, busily on their ways to work, school, or commerce.  She, and her committee, are not going away anytime soon -- despite the increasing cost of getting at the truth of the matter ...

Bridgegate committee's legal costs break $525,000

by Darryl Isherwood, NJ.com -- April 17, 2014

Attorneys for the legislative committee investigating the George Washington Bridge lane diversion controversy have so far billed more $525,000 for work performed through the first two months of the year according to records obtained by NJ.com.

Jenner & Block, the firm hired by the committee to aid in the investigation and the issuance of subpoenas has so far billed the legislature just over $485,000 for work performed through February 28.

"Sometimes finding the truth from those who are not forthcoming is expensive," [State Sen. Loretta] Weinberg said in a statement. "So let's get this done quickly and as efficiently as possible so we can make sure these excesses never happen again."

Be prepared for the Republican push-back about these "outrageous costs" to the NJ Taxpayers. But there are's a few other 'incidental' costs, they should consider, before they get to far up there, on their self-righteous horses, clouds, and platitudes ...

Postmaster:  Send this bill to the GOP donor community -- they won't mind, charitable bunch that they are:

Bridgegate Has Cost Chris Christie's Campaign At Least $314,000 In Legal Fees So Far

by Amanda Terkel, huffingtonpost.com -- 04/21/2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's (R) reelection campaign has paid at least $314,000 in legal fees for the Bridgegate investigation so far, with the campaign now in debt.

Christie's campaign hired the firm Patton Boggs LLP in January in response to the investigation by the U.S. attorney's office as well as the New Jersey Legislature.

According to financial documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Patton Boggs received $160,000 for legal fees and documentation in March. Stroz Friedberg, an investigations and intelligence firm, was also paid $154,000 that month.

Unfortunately, the bill for this next adventure in "Creative Writing" goes directly to the worn-and-weary NJ Taxpayers. Unfortunately, Governor Christie and Counsel, have spent a minor fortune in their attempt to "bury the truth," with this character-smearing, hypothetical, recreation of events -- all at the citizens' expense.

Christie bridge scandal: Internal report clears governor, calls for Port Authority restructuring

by Ted Sherman, The Star-Ledger; nj.com -- March 27, 2014

An internal investigation commissioned by the governor’s office found no evidence Gov. Chris Christie knew about the controversial plan to shut down several toll lanes at the George Washington Bridge beforehand, according to a report released this morning.

The report was written by former federal prosecutor Randy Mastro, a lawyer with Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, which was hired by the governor’s office at a reported cost of $1 million to conduct an investigation into the scandals that have engulfed Christie’s office.

Some Democratic state lawmakers have already denounced the report and internal investigation, noting that its findings were leaked before the firm's investigation was done, and that at least three key figures who might have had intimate knowledge of the bridge closings were not interviewed. They said any report ordered up by the governor himself would have no credibility.

So for those of you keeping score at home:

The cost of finding the truth, so far:  $525,000

The cost of hiding the truth, so far:  $314,000 + $1,000,000  = $1,314,000

and counting.

New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg has it right:

"Sometimes finding the truth from those who are not forthcoming is expensive."

And those hiding the truth, have even MORE to be accountable for now -- more in terms of 'other people's $$$$' spent, in their own personal defense.

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