I know, I know, it's Ramussen but when it comes to Governor Tom Corbett's (R. PA) polling numbers, I'll believe it:


Tom Wolf, the Democratic challenger in the race to be Pennsylvania’s next governor, is holding onto a significant lead over Gov. Tom Corbett, the incumbent Republican, according to a recent poll.

The telephone survey, which was conducted May 27 and 28 by Rasmussen Reports, says 51 percent of those polled would vote for Wolf, with 31 percent remaining loyal to Corbett. An additional 14 percent is undecided, while 4 percent supports another candidate.

According to the report, 83 percent of Democrats support Wolf, while only 59 percent of Republicans support Corbett. Wolf also carries a 10 point lead among independents.

Corbett’s job approval rating among those surveyed is a lean 36 percent. - Lancaster Online, 6/2/14

When it comes to the issues, Wolf crushes Corbett as well.  Voters trust Wolf by a 47 to 30 margin on taxes, a 46 to 40 margin on government spending and a 51 to 27 margin on social issues.

If you're skeptical because it's Rasmussen, I can understand.  Pennsylvania is currently being polled by PPP so once their poll comes out, we'll see how true Rasmussen's polling is.  But again, when it comes to this race, I wouldn't doubt Rasmussen.  Keystone Politics weighed in on this poll and they believe that Wolf's lead could grow even more because of Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s (D. PA) review of Corbett slow-walking the Jerry Sandusky case.  Corbett recently met with prosecutors working on the case and here's how that could work in Wolf's advantage:


Speaking objectively, the results of the report are unlikely to be damning. Sandusky was successfully prosecuted on 45 of 48 counts and the verdict has been upheld on appeal. However, even if Kane’s report is just mildly critical of Corbett and produces only a few nuggets, Democrats can use it to their advantage and bury the already-underwater Governor.

If the report comes out in, say, September, Corbett will have time to refute a mildly-critical report and make Kane’s timing appear to be that of a politician, not a prosecutor.

But if the report comes out in, say, late October, and is mildly-critical, Democrats will have the advantage of a week of anti-Corbett headlines leading up to the election and the Corbett campaign won’t have very much of a chance to respond.

In short, the longer it takes Kathleen Kane to release this report, the better, unless it’s later than October, because then it’s politically irrelevant. - Keystone Politics, 6/1/14

Add that to laundry list of other reasons Corbett is screwed and you can understand why this is out best pick up opportunity.  Anything can happen between now and then and with these lousy polling numbers, Corbett and the GOP will do anything they can defeat Wolf so we have to be ready.  Click here to donate and get involved with Wolf's campaign:

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