Dear DKos Friends,

With great sadness I would like to let you know that MassHarry passed away Tuesday, June 3, at home.

Harry, 44, had been battling colon cancer for more than two years. His passing is mourned by his wife and their three children, as well as his family, friends, and neighbors. Many of you may remember his first diary, published almost exactly two years ago, shortly after his diagnosis. Some of you may have met him at the Monday Night Cancer Club.

I was not a close friend of Harry’s, more like a good friend of a good friend. However, I do know that he was humbled by the outpouring of support he received from the DKos community, especially his quilt, although he told me he felt there must be others who are “more deserving.”

At his wake was a very large turnout: in a way it was like a quilt, with small patches of friends hugging and telling each other their favorite Harry stories, about coaching his children’s soccer teams, or tending the bar at neighborhood block parties. Many people wore shirts, ties, or lapel ribbons in orange, which everyone knows is Harry’s favorite color.

His family wrote:

He impacted many lives with his vibrant, infectious personality, charming wit and engaging sense of humor.
That impact was evident in the hundreds of orange ribbons on street signs and trees throughout Harry’s town, hung there by “Harry’s Heroes,” a name his daughter created for the many people who banded together to support him throughout his illness.
If you are so inclined, feel free to remember Harry with a donation to the Cancer Support Community.  

1:46 PM PT: I have to sign off now - A thousand thanks to everyone for your uplifting words, prayers and support. Keep commenting and leaving any thoughts and wishes for Harry's family. I know they will appreciate everyone's kindness.  thank you ~ Elf

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Also republished by Monday Night Cancer Club.

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