He did. Bush Administration officials planted ineffectual political operatives in high level positions as a reward for campaigning for the Republicans.

Bush administration officials cut the budget and the staff for the FDA, we have all heard this before, two or three years ago.

Expect more of this lack of oversight to endanger us in every area the Bush Administration has appointed idiots and Republican operatives instead of experts.

Bush cannot protect you from anything. Not Terrorism. Not Hurricanes. Not even bacteria.

Follow me here.

This was not the first complaint: Just the most recent:

8/4/2006  - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is under-resourced, under-staffed, and essentially incapable of overseeing potential threats to the US food supply, according to a former FDA official who last week opposed the National Uniformity for Food Act at a Senate hearing.

Recently retired William Hubbard, who spent 33 years in federal service, said he has been repeatedly involved in the issue of national uniformity for food safety laws over the years.

And according to him, implementing the National Uniformity for Food Act at the present time would replace a federal/state partnership that effectively monitors the nation's food safety with an impractical, ineffective system that would create a "vacuum in safety oversight".

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And here's the result?

The CDC has to step in. In today's Salt Lake City Tribune, an article mentons the CDC is being called in to do what the FDA is...er...was funded to do.

Here's a related article portending this unfortunate Republican governnance.

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Think that's where it ends?

Last November, the EPA told its enforcement staff to cease investigations on all coal-fired utilities, unless, Buckheit says, there was "reason to believe that the facility had conducted activities that would violate the 'new rules'" -- rules he says were "hatched at the White House" without input from the professional and scientific staff at EPA.

Buckheit retired the next month and now works as an environmental consultant, speaking out around the country against the Bush administration's environmental policies. This week he took time out from volunteering for the Kerry campaign in Tampa, Florida to speak with MotherJones.com.

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You see, you get what you pay for. Oversight for example. And when you don't get it, you get E. Coli. A cautionary tale.

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