This is a serious diary. Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. But if you want to go straight to the payoff, it’s down below at soft energy path and getting off the grid.

Now, then – the question! Your electric bill.

Never mind how many kilowatt hours you use, don’t bother breaking down the impenetrable thicket of "basic fixed service charges," transmission charge, distribution/customer charge, distribution/energy charge, transition charge, energy conservation charge, renewable energy charge, therm conversion factor, sales tax, or even the dreaded "default service tariff cost adjustment factors."

Never &@#%$*^# mind that!


Never mind any of that - - just how much do you pay a month for electricity, on average? Smooth out the winter and summer months and make a rough estimate.

You wanna guess how much Mr. Inconveniently Robbed of Election paid last month? You could check out one of these excellent or otherwise diaries and penetrating comments.

But, most likely, you are not a Senator’s Son, nor are you an Academy Award Winning documentary filmmaker, nor a Nobel Prize nominee.

I would say it is entirely unlikely you ever received 50,999,897 votes give or take 537 or so.

This is about YOUR budget. Your hometown stuff. You wanna see how far your locality veers from the average national price of electicity? You could try here although the "latest" figures are at least 15 months old – that’s our bought and paid forFederal Govt. in action!

But why waste your time? Plug into our SOFT ENERGY PATH future. The sooner you do, the sooner YOU will be able to say:
"Dude, I’m getting off the grid!"

HEY! And turn out that light when you leave the room! Jeez.

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On average, for my household electricity bill I pay:

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