Health Care for America Now is out with a new ad on McCain's health care plan.  

I had to laugh.  It basically says that people were so shocked at how bad his plan is, as it was first described in the first few Obama ads on health care, that they can't believe it is true.

But it is.  Here is the new ad.


Healthcare for America now is a "national grassroots campaign organizing millions of Americans to win a guarantee of quality, affordable health care for all.   We are grounded in organizations that can mobilize people at work, at home, in their neighborhoods, and online."

Is it really true that McCain will tax our employer health benefits?

Yes it is.  Since the 40's, Americans have received their health benefits through work in pre-tax dollars.  Businesses have been able to deduct the cost of health benefits from their costs of doing business, and health benefits have not been counted toward compensation and income.  Our health benefits have never been taxed.

But McCain wants to remove this tax exemption and for the first time, TAX your employer health benefits.  I know its hard to beleive, but he has to find a source of revenue to give you his "$5000" tax credit to buy insurance.  So he will give you a tax credit, but will tax your benefits to pay for the credit.

As Obama said, "he giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other."

And what is likely to be the outcome of all this? Many employers will probably STOP offering health benefits to their employees.  In fact, economists have estimated that as many as 20 million Americans will LOSE their employer coverage under McCain's plan.

And what will happen to those 20 million people? They will have to buy coverage in the private, non-group health insurance market.  And McCain not only will NOT regulate this market but he will DEREGULATE it.  Just like he did with banking.  He will allow companies to sell across state lines to avoid the little regulation that there currently is.  You see, health insurance is regulated by the states.  And if insurance companies can sell across state lines, and are allowed to disregard state regulations, we will have the same dispicable practices and greed that we saw in the banking industry - and we all lose under that scheme.

But what about that $5,000 tax credit?  Well, that is a start but it is woefully inadequate.  You see this is the tax credit for a FAMILY.  And right now in the private non-group health insurance market the annual cost of a health insurance policy for a family is $12,000 a year.  That leaves families holding the bag for $7000 plus a high deductible of about $2,000 plus all their cost-sharing and coinsurance.  

And if anyone in your family has a pre-existing condition, forget about it.  McCain will let the insurance companies continue to deny coverage to anyone for any reason.  Basically under McCain's plan, if you are sick or need insurance, you will not be able to buy it.

McCain's plan is RADICAL.  It will make Americans less secure.  It will decrease employer based insurance.  It will throw more Americans to the sharks in the for profit, private insurance market where they can pick off the healthy like cherries and throw those of us who are ill or have a chronic condition into the ditch -- all but left for dead.

There is nothing HUMANE aboue McCain's plan.  
There is no COMPASSION in McCain's plan.
There is no concern for QUALITY OF LIFE in McCain's plan.
There is no concern for the PUBLIC'S HEALTH in McCain's plan.
There is no HOPE in McCain's plan.

It is the same tired ideology of George Bush.

Take responsibility for yourself.

If you are sick or poor it is your own fault.

The government owes you nothing, even though you pay your taxes.

There is no right to health care.

Obama offers a different vision.  

Obama said health care is a RIGHT.
Obama will let people keep their employer coverage and reduce your costs by $2500 per year for your employer plan!
Obama will let those without govt. coverage or employer coverage have new affordable options - choosing a private plan like members of Congress have or select a new public plan like traditional Medicare except for the non-elderly.
Obama will provide DIRECT SUBSIDIES to pay for a share of your premium based on your household income.  No tax credits.  You only pay the proportion you can afford.

Please help spread the word.  Millions of Americans are losing their health care as they lose their jobs and many more will lose it under McCain's plan, many who will not be able to find insurance in the private for-profit market.


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