More often than we can bear, we see diaries where Kossacks are suffering. When we see these, we tend to respond with a lot of wonderful community energy. And a desire to be able to do more as a community and not simply as a political actions group. But then the diary scrolls away, and we rarely get to follow up, or we miss it altogether.

We already have many great jobs posted. See the Opportunities Availablesection on the site.

I am so frustrated and angry at this situation we find ourselves in; foreclosures, great people living on the edge, friends losings jobs and self respect, and worst of all, hope for the future.

So I created a site Jobs and Community for Kossacks and invite all of you to join us.

My goal is a job for everyone who wants one. Pretty grandiose, right? Maybe...we elected a President...surely there is more than enough creativity and resources in this one community on DK that we can do this.

Already we have seen people sell handcrafted items, make great connections, we have available jobs posted...and all in 90 days! Over 3,200 people joined in 90 days!

We have a classifieds ads section - where for a minimal amount, Kossacks can place ads for their products or services and help support other Kossacks. Soon we will have an even more robust site with many addition features and opportunities to connect more easily.

There is nothing the power of community can't achieve if we put as much energy into this as we did electing Barack...and we don't have to wait for someone else to do this.... YES. WE. CAN!

Please recommend this diary so everyone who needs help can see it.

Thanks for your generosity!

Originally posted to etherapy on Fri Jan 30, 2009 at 11:45 AM PST.

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