Irish workers and community activist have made County Waterford, Ireland, yet another flashpoint in the worldwide struggle between capital and labor caused by free market globalization.

Learn about this developing battle and lend a hand.

In yet another flashpoint of global struggle between capital and labor, Irish workers have seized and occupied their factory in Waterford, Ireland.  

See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/...

The famous crystal factory named after its county of origin may be sold and the jobs shipped to southeast Asia as part of a global restructuring.

See: http://article.wn.com/...

Workers represented by Unite (a Union now affiliated with the United Steelworkers here in north america) clearly are not letting their livelihood and community be jeopardized by a receiver from the Deloitte accounting firm.

As our economies continue to contract, workers should well take heed of their activist power to combat cost-cutting measures that decimate their communities.

To assist the Irish workers please locate your local Deloitte office here:

Ask to speak with the managing partner of the office and voice your concern about layoffs at the Waterford Crystal Factory ordered by a Deloitte receiver.

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