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The "Mayor of Realville" is living in the Twilight Zone. He says suspended Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will get a standing ovation from all the students when he returns to play, for "...
by tkirkland
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Some Limbaugh lies are worse than others. This one endangers American Muslims, against whom the FBI has already noted a high level of hate crimes. American Muslim leaders ...
by tkirkland
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Prevagen has been advertising on Rush Limbaugh. In previous weeks, they were advertised as being available at Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS pharmacies.
by steelbeard1
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Rush Limbaugh can't catch a break. And for the life of me, I can't understand why he doesn't just retire now, so he and his self-proclaimed 'dittoheads' can move forward thinking it was his idea ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Rush Limbaugh has an achey breaky heart today. Clear Channel just flipped Limbaugh's WPGB in Pittsburgh to country music. It had fallen to 11th in Pittsburgh, echoing hate radio's plummeting ...
by tkirkland
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On his show 7/23/14, Rush Limbaugh took time out from hating on gays, women, Black people, Latino people, Native American people, poor people, and Pope Francis (for reminding us of Jesus' teachings ...
by tkirkland
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CVS Pharmacy, which is not a Rush Limbaugh advertiser, has been getting mentioned during that program in commercials for anti-itch medication TriCalm.
by steelbeard1
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Once upon a time, actually July 2008, in a faraway land, actually Yosemite Park, a young blonde woman, the eponymous Goldilocks, was enjoying a camping vacation in the great woods with her ...
by corwinabell
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Faced with mounting pressure from monitors catching Quicken Loans spots airing during Rush Limbaugh on isolated local stations against their wishes and posting those incidents in the Stop Rush ...
by steelbeard1
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Sunday night, memes such as above were spreading ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Rush Limbaugh on Armed Forces Radio makes absolutely no sense. So how can we stop this? I promised to diary every week until he was gone or until somebody more qualified took over in which case I ...
by Shockwave
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Today I read a diary that had snark boldly stated in the beginning . I am a older recoverying conservative who may not understand snark but I do understand distortions and lies..
by lightarty
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Today, the US Senate is expected to confirm Tom Wheeler as chair of the Federal Communications Commission, the federal agency tasked with protecting the public interest in all things media, ...
by SueWilson
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As a teacher I’ve had the pleasure of knowing children from many different home environments. I know children who live in two parent households and single parent households. I know children ...
by Weezerr1
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How much more time, effort, and small donations will environmentalists, progressives, liberals, and Democrats waste because there is no organized opposition to the corporate right's best media weapon?
by certainot
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University of Mich (3 stations), Michigan State (7 stations) put Wolverines and Spartans logos on 10 anti-union Limbaugh radio stations (from Universities for Rush Limbaugh - see my sig). All those ...
by certainot
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Rush Limbaugh The world's foremost political shock jock — the man who just declared that Mitt Romney "is the only guy that ...
by Richard Myers
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As major corporations informed of his bigotry re-assert that they are avoiding Rush , the embattled talk show host waxed hyperbolic after the first day of the Democratic National Convention. He ...
by Richard Myers
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No stranger to trouble, that one. As advertisers continue to bail out and some radio stations begin rethinking this whole "broadcast the daily racist and sexist musings of ...
by Hunter
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