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Doctors around the whirled have long pushed Statins as a magical mystery tour of health and eternal yute. That might have to be amended to "infernal" instead. By forcefully (and I mean forcefully) ...
by agnostic
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Tonight's piece is a co-production of NY Brit Expat and Geminijen. What we decided we wanted to do was to allow women to speak for themselves, so we reproduced some quotes from these women. We ...
by Geminijen
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Hey there, y'all- good evening, and welcome to our monthly 1st Sunday free-for-all, wherein we yap, joke, 'meet and greet', and just generally try to enjoy ourselves and not be serious- there are ...
by postmodernista
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"Cultural Marxism," described as a conspiratorial ...
by annieli
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As we discover [http://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu/ thousands of exoplanets], the interest in life outside our blue marble has renewed. The various searches for [http://phl.upr.edu/projects/...
by Wee Mama
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by Michael Strickland This is an update of my April 29 diary:
by The Book Bear
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Houston class led by Teach For America corps member; UPDATE: 12/23/14 8:00 MST At the same time I was writing this diary yesterday, Judy Ferro was publishing a column in the Idaho Press Tribune ...
by The Book Bear
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I've always loved Jerry Harste's work. I often repeat the adage that we have spent a lot of time teaching our children to read, but not enough time teaching them to learn to love to read. As I ...
by The Book Bear
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This past weekend I spent almost ten hours reading, commenting upon and correcting student papers. I teach freshman in Government (including one section of AP) and seniors in AP Economics (3 ...
by teacherken
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We meet Sundays 7pm eastkost time/4pm leftkost, 3 or so hrs to fit a part of everyone's afternoon/evening. We also pub & republish diaries over the week : kosmail to one of our active admins ( ...
by mettle fatigue
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We meet Sundays 7pm eastkost time, 4pm leftkost, 3 or so hrs to fit a part of everyone's afternoon/ evening. We also pub& republish diaries over the week : kosmail to one of our active admins ( ...
by mettle fatigue
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Paul Krugman, of The New York Times have developed a theory to explain why conservatives do not seem to be learning from their errors - they are not using an evidence based ...
by HoundDog
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SHORT VERSION: I admire people's desire to get to the root of NM's specious evaluation system. However, I think we’re asking the wrong questions. The questions shouldn’t come down to how the ...
by brazmunkee
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Today would be Terun's and my third anniversary and second as a married couple. It would also be his 50th birthday. I am glad I am here at The Rock, sitting just feet from the memorial garden where ...
by commonmass
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I just read the Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change , which I'm about to highly recommend to you and anyone you have ever known. I'll even tease you with pretty previews of the book's pages, below.
by cgibosn
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LaVar Burton is trying to bring back Reading Rainbow to help kids learn to read and have a love of reading and learning. He has started a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds. Please ...
by prettymeadow
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I recently came across a bit of information here on KosAbility that wound up having a pretty significant impact for me. It was in mettle fatigue's diary KosAbility: Your Microbiome - the Great Big ...
by Darwinian Detritus
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I'm going to once again set aside the theme I'd adopted and planned to use this month, for something that came up for me and more or less demanded, in my personal estimation, to be shared. The last ...
by Kit RMP
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Not content to want to destroy the profession of teaching by emphasizing union busting charter schools, and after Washington state got its "Race to the Bottom" funding pulled because it wouldn't ...
by zenbassoon
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I heard that today - and it was the close to one of the most heartening conversations about politics I've had in a while. I spend a lot of time in activist circles, so my default political ...
by Katie in PA
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