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It’s Wednesday morning, and I have packed my bags for a long flight to Pittsburgh to attend Netroots Nation . It will be my third year going as a ...
by Paul Hogarth
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I'm still wondering how many DKos contributors have an interest in local politics (town/city; county; local delegation to the state lege). There are huge numbers of local issues that can be ...
by dadadata
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One of the 50 political blogs I visit daily is Calitics , a progressive blog that deals with California politics and their intersection with ...
by Meteor Blades
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This past Tuesday, how many of you went to [Ditch Mitch http://www.ditchmitchky.com/] or [Bluegrass Roots http://www.bluegrassroots.org/frontPage.do], and [Bluegrass Report http://www.bluegrassreport.
by Delaware Dem
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As you know, yesterday was another day of hypocrisy for Republicans who refuse to challenge the President's failed policy in Iraq. Even after President Bush was forced to admit in his interim ...
by DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen
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The reason I am writing this diary is I have been asked recently by three different local bloggers (2 in the south, 1 in the northeast) "why there are not more Minorities blogging?" Now I am not an ...
by dopper0189
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Please bear with me: this diary will have you smiling, and I think you can agree that we could all use some good news now and then in the final dark years of BushWorld. Last week at [http://...
by Republic Not Empire
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I am trying to compile a list of local liberal bloggers from around the country - blogs that have at least 20-30% local content or focus, ideally more, toward mutual self-help and advice on local ...
by tbrucegodfrey
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This afternoon, the Heading Left dynamic duo of James Boyce and Nate Wilcox put on a great show on Blog Talk Radio. The featured guest was Chris Bowers of MyDD.
by lowkell
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On Thursday, Kagro X posted [herehttp://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2007/1/4/133829/8010] about the swearing-in of the new Congress. As he made clear then, he was far from the only blogger who ...
by Laura Clawson
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One of the biggest disappointments of the 2006 election cycle was Brian Keeler's (NYBri's) loss in his race for a New York State Senate seat. That loss, however, was not Brian's alone. It was ...
by pontificator
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by withthelidoff
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by Eric Massa
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by Cyril Allen
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by CA Pol Junkie
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by kid oakland
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by kid oakland
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by jbnr51
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