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We are choosing among politicians, not saviors. Hillary Rodham Clinton's experience as a lawyer, First Lady, U.S. senator, and Secretary of State gives her a dream résumé. With it, however, ...
by Richard J Rosendall
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Hi, I'm from the Log Cabin Republicans, I wanted to know if...hello? hello? I thought we fixed our telephones? It's hard when the political party you want so badly to be accepted by is homophobic. ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Come see the incredible shrinking tent. If at ...
by Hunter
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As the election season winds down, voters are caught between scary movie and farce. Thanks to a Tar Heel friend who alerted me to issue ads in the North Carolina senate race, I now know that "...
by Richard J Rosendall
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Have you ever thought…my vote doesn’t matter so why hassle with it? Or, decide not to vote because you didn’t want to wait in line or drive to your designated polling location? Have you ever ...
by GerryMyers
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While all the who’s-who of Texas Republicans (and probably more importantly corporate donors) gather in Fort Worth for the state GOP convention, there are more issues circling the ...
by Christian Bentzen
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In 2009, finding the gay Republican group Log Cabin Republicans too centrist for their tastes, wingnuts Christopher R. Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia broke ties with the organization and formed the more ...
by Steven Payne
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by poopdogcomedy
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The only thing surprising to me about the fact that the Log Cabin Republicans have been denied a booth at the Texas Republican Party Convention is that...Log Cabin Republicans are surprised and that ...
by wdrath
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That they are not welcome: The Texas Republican Party denied requests from the Log Cabin Republicans, a group representing gay conservatives, to host a booth at its annual convention next week. ...
by LaFeminista
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Navigating the tricky waters of a campaign for a seat in Congress can be stressful. When you add in the fact that you are an openly gay Republican hostile to gay rights vying to unseat a Democratic ...
by Steven Payne
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Amanda Terkel of the Huffingtonpost wrote a story about how a new group " Use Your Mandate" - who refuse to say who they are, have no phone number, no address and no website - yet was founded ...
by TeamSarah4Choice
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Sigh. Oh, Log Cabin Republicans. Will you ever learn? The Washington Blade reports on Mitt Romney's very, very quiet meeting with a few Log Cabin officials earlier in the month. It lasted 15 ...
by Hunter
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Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The wayward, oddball cousins of the LGBT community, the Log Cabin Republicans, today endorsed Mitt Romney for president and vice president. Nevermind that ...
by christopher di spirito
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This is how they think they are going to get LGBT Floridians to vote for Republicans? Funded by the Broward County Log Cabin Republicans , the ad calls for LGBT voters to support the ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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I read this article online at the Alaska Dispatch. http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/gay-republicans-find-common-ground-romney-ryan-ticket-most-issues-except-marriage Fume Gag Gasp I'm mad!
by deinsf
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Log Cabin Republicans are positive their party will come around on civil rights sometime in the 21st century. Message to Log Cabin Republicans: It ain't the party of Lincoln anymore. A ...
by Meteor Blades
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Presumably in response to the Democratic plans to include platform language specifically affirming support for same-sex marriage, Republicans are planning the most dramatic possible step. Brace ...
by Hunter
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There are few things as pathetic on this green Earth that witnessing a middle-aged GOP male explain what makes women tick. Mr Erickson of RedState could not resist proving the reputation is deserved.
by Quicklund
Comment Count 28 comments on Mon Aug 13, 2012 at 05:59 PM PDT with 12 Recommends
The right greeted President Obama's unqualified endorsement of gay marriage with predictably vile caterwauling. And of course many on the left whined that it came too late, that it shouldn't have ...
by pkgoode
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