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So, the proposed new Congressional map for Massachusetts has been released. You can find the official version here, ...
by Answer Guy
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Hello team Massachusetts Kosmopolitans , and anyone else who is interested. I wanted to lob this organizational diary out there for the MassKos group.
by mem from somerville
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As elsewhere, Massachusetts GOP'ers rail against patronage, pork, and pension padding. Small government and all that. Two years ago, when Gov. Deval Patrick attempted to appoint supporter State ...
by BobBlueMass
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When Scott Brown won the special election for Senate in Massachusetts, national pundits proclaimed it some kind of harbinger of what was to come. Massachusetts -- make that liberal ...
by Laura Clawson
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by RLMiller
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It is inevitable, in the closing days of the electoral cycle, to see polling go from sporadic, to steady, to overwhelming. It looks like we just passed that final signpost. Welcome to poll-a-...
by Steve Singiser
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Jeff Perry. Tea Party pet. GOP candidate and bright hope to take the Massachusetts 10th Congressional District (William Delahunt retiring) against Democrat Bill Keating. Quick background: Perry ...
by BobBlueMass
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Amid rain, thunder, and lightning here in SoCal (a phenomenon we see in this part of the state about once every other year), there is also no small amount of turbulence on the polling front. No ...
by Steve Singiser
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A surprisingly quiet polling weekend has lasted into the week, as this is a much less data-heavy Monday than I would have anticipated. Even with the weekly "poll dump" from our buddies at the DCCC, ...
by Steve Singiser
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Summary: MD has 8 reps: 1 R, 7 D MA has 10 reps: all D MI has 15 reps: 8 D, 7 R Possibly vulnerable: MD-01 (D) MA-10 (D) (but probably not) MI-01 (D) MI-02 (R) (but probably not)
by plf515
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Here's an update from the trenches here in my home state of MA. First the polls. The latest Boston Globe poll has Barney Frank with a 14 point lead in MA-4, while Bill Keating is hanging on in my ...
by cape cod dem
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The Republicans and the media have been working overtime to tell voters that the Republican takeover of the House is inevitable. In order to take over the House they need to win 39 Democratic seats.
by askew
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Teabaggers didn't limit their favors tonight to the Delaware and New Hampshire senate races (although they were yummy and thank you very much). In an open House seat rated as a toss-up by many ...
by jhannon
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Forty-two states have already done it, and by this time next week, the entirety of the nation will have completed the process of primary elections. And, in the grand tradition of saving the best for ...
by Steve Singiser
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As the passing of Senator Byrd and the Kagan hearings dominate the political conversation, news on the polling front is quite silent as we kick off this first full week of Summer. However, the week ...
by Steve Singiser
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On this Thursday, the 24th day in June, The Wrap wishes a happy 34th birthday to Brock Olivo . If the name doesn't ring a bell, allow for a ...
by Steve Singiser
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Apologies for the lack of a weekend edition. Unfortunately, your intrepid Wrap author got waylaid by a track meet that ran two-plus hours behind schedule, and dead batteries on both the mobile phone ...
by Steve Singiser
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The Patriot Ledger , the newspaper of record for Quincy, Massachusetts is reporting that Norfolk ...
by pistolSO
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This just in from the Boston Globe: 14-year incumbent U.S. Representative Bill Delahunt, D-Quincy, will not seek reelection to an 8th term this fall. http://www.boston.com/news/politics/...
by soko
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Just when you got used to the new schedule of the Polling and Political Wrap, another quirk develops. Don't fret: it will still be a three day a week feature. The shift is simple: instead of Monday-...
by Steve Singiser
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