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The search continues but the lack of wreckage for Malaysian Air flight MH370, especially flight recorders has only with the lack of information generated the wackiest of conspiracy theories ...
by annieli
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The right to be murdered by being thrown from a tall building, apparently, is gay rights for Daesh . The photos below the fold reveal the basic story. More here . ISIS/Daesh is not alone in their ...
by BvueDem
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The November 7 Malaysian high court decision that declared that Negeri Sembilan state religious officials violated the rights of three Malaysian transgender women's eight to dress as woman on ...
by rserven
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As part of the Transgender Awareness campaign, I offer a diary which visits Malaysia, home of the Mak Nyah, for a ruling against Sharia Law, Ireland, for steps towards gender equality, Scotland for ...
by rserven
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We March for Elephants We March for Rhinos We March for Lions People have asked us—“Why do you march? What good is marching? You should be making direct contact with people in power, with ...
by JrCrone
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Americans have a sense that the enemy of America is some entity that exists outside the USA. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union was the enemy. With the ending of the Cold War, the enemy was no ...
by melshim
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Actions by the U.S. and its European allies yesterday to financially sanction Russia seem even more justifiable today. It now seems clear that a Russian surface to air missile shot down a ...
by murphthesurf3
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Has there ever been a more heinous example of putting profits over people? What company with an ounce of humanity would continue to risk its employees' and customers' lives by flying over a war zone?
by DocSalvage
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UPDATE I want to thank everyone for sticking with me on this. Pretty much as expected, Russia, the Rebels and Ukraine have all blamed each other for what happened. There are no reports of ...
by Trobone
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Three Malaysian transgender women, also called Mak Nyah, have brought a case to The Negri Sembilan Appeal Court in Putrajaya against a shariah law which ...
by rserven
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Three weeks into the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370, the reporting has actually gotten worse. CNN is trying to rent 777s as set-pieces . They can't, so they rent a full-motion Level D ...
by alysheba
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Rarely in the history of First Ladies has an occupant made a more impactful and timely visit to a counterpart nation, in time of strategic challenge. Dolly Madison Eleanor Roosevelt and ...
by empireport
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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak held a special emergency press conference on new developments on the missing plane and reportedly had a private meeting with the families 30 mins before. The ...
by DRo
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On Thursday in the middle of a strategic situation Mr. Rush Limbaugh held a virtual on-air pep rally for the aggressor Mr. Putin. – He even had a very strange gender song made with Mr. Putin ...
by empireport
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There was a very kind and reasonable diary about Keith Ledgerwood's theory about flight 370 that went viral the other day. There have also been some funny shots at some of the terrible reporting ...
by johninexile
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Originally posted here . MH370 has gripped the imagination of the world, knocking the Crimea and Venezuela off TV screens and fostering wide-spread international speculation, as well as a search ...
by UN Dispatcher
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Latest Earlier today Malaysian transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein was handed a note during a press conference telling him of a Chinese discovery of another piece of suspected debris in the ...
by DRo
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A very bright, enterprising and thoughtful man named Keith Ledgerwood has put forth a new theory about how Malaysia Air Flight 370 may have been able to traverse Central Asia without being detected:
by alysheba
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Earlier today, Malaysian officials dropped a bombshell. Based on a review of radio and radar data, the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 radioed air traffic control in Kuala Lumpur for the last ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Bombshell news coming out of Kuala Lumpur: In a press conference, the Malaysian PM not only confirmed that what happened was deliberate, but that the plane ended its flight in a volatile part of ...
by zenbassoon
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