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It’s hard to know what to think. Has the world gone mad? Or is it that there are just so many people and so much news centered around murder, mayhem, disaster, mass shooters and disturbed bombers ...
by ThePensMight
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Sick'n'Tired yet? Good! Now, What Are You Going to Do About It? Yes, you! As per tmservo433's diary you're being called out! Sure, we won the election - yay! - but the TeaPubs control 38 state ...
by winkk
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I did a quick google search of best asction games 2000-2012. One answer on a gaming forum: 2000 = Soldier of Fortune, Deus Ex, Diablo II, C & C: Red Alert 2 2001 = Serious Sam: The First Encounter,
by robctwo
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Ok folks, I have a assignment for any of you out there who might be able to ask a Teabagging candidate a question and get the answer recorded.
by mhanch
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I like puns more than most people but some just don't work. The Cossacks were the Ukranian equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan, leading pogroms against Jews and other minorities. They get romanticized ...
by K S LaVida
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"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." -- First Corinthians 13:11. "We remain a young nation,
by Pometacom
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After lurking literally for years, I am finally prompted to post my first original diary by events of the past few weeks. The night of Joe Biden's speech, I was driving in my car listening to the ...
by Marty in CT
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In America, no event is possible lest it be prefigured in cinema. A narrative not flickered into our brainpans by our trainers has no validity, is not even comprehensible. Let's see.
by Timus
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Jeniva Jalal, God rest her soul, is dead. So is Marany Awanees. Their crime? Let's just call it, "DWI."*
by BentLiberal
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News Item: Baghdad has erupted in a torrent of bombs and violence.
by BentLiberal
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by Neocynic
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by kidneystones
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