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…if you want it. full article with hyperlinks found here: http://danbojangles.wordpress.com/2013/09/26/antiwar-2013-going-viral/ Imagine for a moment that sometime within the next month, ...
by danbojangles
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by danbojangles
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“Antiwar” Left, 10, died June 16th, 2013, with a few close, principled friends by its side in Anytown, USA. A memorial service will be held at the National Mall, rallying site for numerous ...
by danbojangles
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These days, few liberals are willing to directly defend drones. This is a victory of sorts for opponents of drone warfare, whose work exposing its horror has made it difficult for any kind of ...
by david mizner
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In the spring of 2004, I got an email from an acquaintance asking if I wanted to be nominated for LGBT Pride parade grand marshal.  I was surprised, because I never thought of myself as grand ...
by KatRap
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A kid has to apologize cuz he disrespected his elders by calling their entertainment product “filth.” Which doesn't begin to describe most everything these days; from our politics to sports ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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A wave is coming; a tidal wave of catastrophe. A fiscal tsunami to wipe away 2008. A crackling, burning caldron of apocalypse. A paycheck away from collapse. A road rage away from civil war. Doom. A ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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It’s time to get out of Afghanistan! Osama Bin Laden is dead, and I see no reason to be there anymore. There is both a financial and a human cost in staying: In the eleven years that American ...
by Shawn Russell
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On October 7, 2012, as the War called "Operation Enduring Freedom" - American's longest war, with no exit plan in sight, enters its 12th year......... Soon to be replaced, General Allen says he ...
by allenjo
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It's so funny , except it's so tragic. As national leaders go, there is no shortage of charlatans in the world, pompous hot-air balloons who believe the world spins around the sun of their greatness.
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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The President is waging peace against Israel vis a vis Iran. The world doesn't want war with Iran. Iran is not perceived as a threat by the world. Only a small fanatical regime, with a long reach ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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My son dreaded going to school today. He dread his 8th grade Social Studies class to be exact. "We have to sit through the video again." This will be the 8th time he has had to. He has never ...
by Diane Gee
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Not too long ago the Chicago Police had set up blockades preventing marchers from proceeding further Occupied Chi Tribune @OccupiedChiTrib RT @zdroberts: Police blocking protest at congress http://...
by jpmassar
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Welcome to the DFH Freaky Friday weekly music series Because Team DFH operates more or less like a herd of cats, we’re here at roughly 9PM Eastern, every week. So take off your shoes, plop down ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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What happened on December 17, 2009? We know some of the facts: Amnesty International has released images of a US-manufactured cruise missile that carried cluster munitions, apparently taken ...
by david mizner
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More than 6,500 veteran suicides are logged every year — more than the total number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined since those wars began.
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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Found this nifty article . The Strategery is stupendous. It's like a game of RISK but for REAL . WASHINGTON – ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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I see they are finally getting ready to try and hang 'the mastermind of 911' Khalid Sheik Mohammad. And it's about time too. We sunk Osama , we'll hang or shoot or gas the Sheik, whatever is most ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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All Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr. The greatness of our God lies in the fact that He is both tough-minded and tenderhearted. This is hard to write. Heartless, really. We live in a world where ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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Aloha. I am the President's brain and I am on a secret mission to inform you of certain truths which can't be denied and which will assure The President's victory over Romney and Santorum this ...
by Michael Alton Gottlieb
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