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Thanks to everybody for their great advice on moving my brother. After talking everything over he has decided not to bring the Pathfinder, He is going to sign it over to the youngest brother so he ...
by michelewln
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We are going to be moving one of my little brothers from Concord, California out here to Winston Salem, North Carolina. He is disabled and driving out would be much too rough on him. We are planning ...
by michelewln
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WTF??? Been way too long since there has been a Block Party...a place where you can come and hear music, see pics, and have (virtual) drinks all night long.... So, bring it on....
by Phil S 33
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My spouse applied for a job a couple of weeks ago. It was a “probably won’t get it, but won’t it be cool” type of job. He got it. Now we are moving. I have questions. Is there anyone ...
by Renfriend
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It's raining now And my work's all done. But is it? I know there's something else ready to expose itself. Laundry, taxes, moving -- all done! Correspondence, cleaning -- all done! Celebrating, ...
by people power granny
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I keep trying, but I'm still on the boat.
by Mortifyd
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OMIGOD! i just read the title of my little rant and it looked like i was also screwed by etsy! NOT - i meant to alert that i'd added some stuff finally! damn - i never should post while fuming! (...
by edrie
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Short Diary, just a few lingering questions for a few certain people in the wake of the Obama reelection.
by TattooedLiberal
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Whether you are moving to a new location, heading off to college, traveling on holiday, or traveling for work, it is important to do a bit of research and exploration of the new neighborhood. The ...
by Noddy
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This is a relaxing Sunday night party for all to join in, & have some fun. Bring your songs, your humor, and your stories.... We are a fun-loving group....ahem. As many of you know, I have ...
by Phil S 33
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Moving from VA back to CT with 4 dogs, 3 cats, a father-in-law on oxygen, and one of the cars broke down. Something with the suspension, just started to shake like one of the wheels was about to ...
by wretchedhive
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Genealogy & Family History Community                
by larmos
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While packing for the move, I found an unused gift card to a local restaurant. We got some take-out tikka masala on the way to the airport, had a picnic in the cell phone lot, and said goodbye for a ...
by MiddleClassMom
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My husband is sticking around to tie up loose ends, and my daughter and I are moving on Sunday. We're flying, so we get to take four suitcases and a car seat. That means no matter how many times the ...
by MiddleClassMom
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Last time we moved, we got free moving boxes off craigslist. But people aren't giving away valuables like cardboard anymore. On the upside, there's also a brisk market for used furniture. I've been ...
by MiddleClassMom
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Technically we're not unemployed anymore. We got an offer and we accepted it. It wasn't from the company my husband interviewed with, or anywhere else he'd applied for a job. It was from my mom. I'...
by MiddleClassMom
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My life is coming apart at the seams. A combination of depression, bad decisions, and other circumstances not the least of which has been acting as caregiver for an HIV+, transgender, schizzophrenic ...
by JTinDC
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Ég að fara heim. I'm going home. For those who've followed my saga — indeed, the very word "saga" is Icelandic for "story", a word that comes to English from the dozens of epic stories written ...
by Rei
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( This diary is a followup to the "Leaving America" series ) It can't have been three weeks already. Útlegð . Exile. Everything about my current situation should objectively seem like they're ...
by Rei
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Ég er á lífi . I am alive. That's the first thing I told friends and family members after I was able to get ahold of them after arriving in my new country. I must apologize for the lack of ...
by Rei
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