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National Guard leaders in several southern ...
by Laura Clawson
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This is a follow on diary to the one I published earlier about Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel putting the wood to the nine states that have or are still, refusing to process requests for Federal ...
by Nebraskablue
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Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel fired a shot across the bow today of Nine Red states that have refused to follow directives from the Dept of Defense and issue Military identification cards to the ...
by Nebraskablue
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National Guard efforts in Colorado during recent ...
by Hunter
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by poopdogcomedy
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Hey da {chickenhawk} cruz, and teabag congressional reps Not representing who pay ya and your great health care packages: "If there were no budget issues, the whole contingent would be going now," ...
by jimstaro
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It's hard to imagine the level of outright despise Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin must have for states that allow same sex marriages. Today, Oklahoma took the bold step and reversed course on all ...
by Chris Reeves
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Cross-posted with The Huffington Post I have lived in Boulder for nearly 30 years and have never seen anything -- weatherwise -- like what I've witnessed these past two years. Last summer, ...
by Renewable Rider
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Yesterday rains in Colorado forced air rescue crews to stay grounded, despite reports of more than 1,000 still unaccounted for due to flooding. Thankfully, rescue workers ...
by Jen Hayden
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As a 45-year resident of the great Tarheel state, I have hung my head in shame over the embarrassing stories that continue to trickle out of North Carolina day after day after day, starting about 16 ...
by Skorpio18
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Not applicable in Texas or Mississippi The Texas and Mississippi National Guards can't exactly say no to the Defense Department's decision to recognize same-sex marriages, but they can sure be ...
by Laura Clawson
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Every year around this time, I snarl out again the story of how the tragic and avoidable Federal Flood of 2005 came to be . Not this year, though. I figure y'all have heard it too many times, and ...
by Crashing Vor
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You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones Friday June 12, 1903 Morenci, Arizona -
by JayRaye
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What a well regulated, trained and supplied, citizen militia actually does as per the founding fathers wishes!! And unless called for National Defense are under the command of State Governors as CiC'...
by jimstaro
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You remember Mark Sanford? He's the former Governor of South Carolina who went missing for six days while he said he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail," when he really ...
by poopdogcomedy
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If Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston had had his way, the National Guard wouldn't have been at Monday's Boston Marathon when two bombs exploded, killing three and wounding more than 170. A ...
by Laura Clawson
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That the Governors, CiC of, of the States can call on in times of need and if so security of the State!
by jimstaro
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A short diary but thought this should be shared. While most of the Country gives little thought to the continuing conflict in Afghanistan, winding down as those serving want it to, especially those ...
by jimstaro
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Last week, Senator Barbara Boxer introduced the Save Our Students Act . The central element: allow the federal government to reimburse Governors who want to use ...
by A Siegel
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SEPTA - the main public transportation service in SE PA - has printed a controversial adverstisements on their "weekly student transportation passes." The photo is National Guards-woman, and as a ...
by S Kitchen
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