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Why Ocean Acidification (OA) Matters To California     by Kriss Perras Running Waters  | The environmental organization National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) states OA is the "quiet ...
by runningwaterspr
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As scientists last week projected atmospheric carbon dioxide is on track to reach 400 parts per million by month end, other news bytes about the noxious GHG percolates across the internets. Some ...
by boatsie
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The Earth is warming fast and furious and much of the warming is going into the oceans. You may have heard that global warming had slowed due to slowed warming of global surfaces, but in new ...
by VL Baker
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So what would constitute a climate solution? Even if rich countries somehow achieve zero emissions, the developing countries attempting to modernize are likely to continue burning their own coal ...
by wcalvin
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Human intelligence is highly overrated. Let's take a trip to Florida for a little proof. Florida is vulnerable to any rise in sea level. The mere 6-7 inches seas rose during the 20th century are ...
by DWG
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I just ran across this thought-provoking eye-popping post on Brave New Climate by Dr. John Morgan, a chemical engineer. One thing the ocean has plenty of is hydrogen, which is bound up in water ...
by Keith Pickering
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Eleven years ago, we started looking... At the start of the housing bubble , we were told: “Bring your checkbooks”. “There is going to be a bidding war”. “If you can afford the ‘
by Independent Musings
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About six years ago, I pitched an article about ocean acidification to the editors at several environmental magazines. The article was supposed to explain how the oceans’ pH levels were dropping ...
by R H Sheldon
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Its been really, really HOT so far this summer after a very warm winter (by North American standards). But how hot has it been? Well, a government agency that I'm certain a host of radical far ...
by Steven D
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Profound and continuing changes in Arctic ecosystems, initiated by record-setting changes occurring throughout the Arctic environmental system were found by a science team of 121 Arctic experts from ...
by FishOutofWater
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by War on Error
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A year ago today we were horrified to hear of the massive oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico which we now know ...
by VL Baker
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Now that climate change has become a forbidden discussion in Washington and the rising temperature of the ocean is off limits, what are they saying about carbon dioxide changing the chemistry of the ...
by Eddie C
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Oceans acidifying at the highest rate since the last great mass extinction 65 million years ago, threaten marine life, coral reefs and nutrition for over a billion people according to a ...
by FishOutofWater
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Actually, that would be five ways, or more than five ways, to kill a man, or a woman, or a child, or entire family, or a tribe, or a nation, or a species, or an aquifer, a mountaintop, miles of ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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This isn't a story about BP's oil gusher in the Gulf, though God knows when all is said and done if the "moderate impact" of that catastrophe may very well mean the end to much of the edible marine ...
by Steven D
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This will be brief. The National Academies of Sciences has the news:
by Laurence Lewis
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Deniers freaked out by the prospect of EPA regulation of CO2 emissions under the ...
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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The laughter about the Survival Seed Scam and the "Crisis Garden" promotions of one of Glenn Beck's ...
by mwmwm
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Because my buddy of 30 years and I have been watching and bequipping "environmental collapse" stories for two years, we have learned that there's a fairly ...
by mwmwm
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