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Asshole for Jesus, Pat Robertson, had some choice words for the distraught mother of a lesbian teenager: put your kid in a Christian "re-education" camp. Terry Meeuwsen : "I've been having issues ...
by Steven Payne
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This came in from Right Wing Watch, still taking one for the team, so you don't have to... http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/pat-robertson-polygamy-was-ok-old-testament-now-its-wrong When a ...
by ApostleOfCarlin
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Notoriously addled butt munch Pat Robertson took a question today from a woman worried about her 11-year-old son who "started listening to music that speaks of the 'beast within' and the '...
by Steven Payne
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Fascinating Fascism: Every election cycle we see the GOP pretenders to the throne or the very musty cloak of Ronnie Popular. So if we close our eyes, and wish really, really hard while watching ...
by annieli
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All of these televisions are to watch out for "socialist agendas"—send us money Rightwingwatch put up ...
by Walter Einenkel
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The 700 Club comes on at 11pm on my cable ABC Family in place of standard programming. I usually reach for the remote to immediately change it. Tonight I wasn't quick enough and the next thing I ...
by gtghawaii
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Oh yes. We can always count on our crazy uncle Pat Robertson to spew his daily diarrhea of dumb-shit forth from his orifice. Fielding a question from a "700 Club" viewer who found a Gay porno ...
by jawillie
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by Egberto Willies
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I continue to be impressed at how many of the supposed leading lights of the nation just do not understand the world around them . Christian Broadcasting ...
by Hunter
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Rima the Magnificent is the # 1 model in the world. She's also the only winner of "Miss U.S.A." (2010) to make something of herself internationally. Marilyn Monroe was a wasp; Arabs got Rima. ...
by waterstreet2008
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Ted Cruz has been angling for that Job for a quite while now ... Cruz Adds to Speculation of Presidential Ambitions With Iowa Speech by Monica Langley and Janet Hook, online.wsj.com -- March 18, ...
by jamess
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“Sooner or later, God’s going to say, ‘That’s all she wrote, baby.’ And it’s going to be tough.” Sooner or later God is going to say that's all she wrote, WTF! Really, So not ...
by The Sheeping of America
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It would be irresponsible of me to definitively answer the question I posed in the title. I just don't know. It's hard to say whether Pat Robertson, living as he does in southern Virginia, even ...
by Paul Bibeau
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After listening to Dave Ramsey's interview on CBN News with evangelist Pat Robertson, one should get angry. At the same time, it illustrates why many of the poor and the middle classes do not ...
by Egberto Willies
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Some right-wing Christian preachers are blaming gay marriage and abortion for Ebola as divine punishment from God. A Baptist preacher says the biblical "End Times" are upon us thanks to a federal ...
by aaraujo
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But First,
by Steven Payne
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Asinine anti-Semitic comments aside – the man ...
by Mikey Weinstein
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TV con-man and God-botherer Pat Robertson is displeased with Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who he said is “terrorizing” the military by requiring the Air Force to ...
by Retroactive Genius
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Religious radicals are marketers of mistreatment, and it's time to call them on it. It is amazing what indecent things some people say and do in the name of decency. If your Christian parents ...
by Richard J Rosendall
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We all know Pat Robertson can be completely off his beam, but today on his program The 700 Club , he ventured into the realm of downright cruelty. An elderly woman, clearly on a very tight fixed ...
by Steven Payne
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