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Our President has once again made history. Our President has once again strengthened our country. When you hear of controversy and criticism, please keep in mind what I am about to share with you.
by ivote2004
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..yes amnesty; one of the more powerful words that to a corrupt party, its control, meaning and its use remains so valuable to the GOP. Stop the Con: Don't vote republican So here's the thing ...
by Eric Nelson
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Last night, Jon Stewart had another great segment where he tore apart the Republican arguments against doing immigration reform in the House. At last month's State of the Union, President Obama ...
by BruinKid
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"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Tell it to the modern-day Republicans, Honest Abe . Not that they would listen. They got "illegal people" to deport -- millions and millions of them .
by jamess
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"The President urges the House of Representatives to take action and move this bill or similar legislation forward, and stands willing to work with all parties to make sure that commonsense ...
by ProseAndThorn
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"At this time, allowing additional immigrants into the U.S. would negatively impact the wages of the 11 million undocumented workers who are already living here, which in turn, would further drive ...
by Bud Meyers
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Senate bill S. 744 is the proposed immigration bill named “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”. Based on an assessment by a new report from the ...
by Bud Meyers
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The Wall Street Journal reports that not enough people are quitting their jobs, and that a humming economy usually means a high rate of churn in the work force --- where an employee voluntarily ...
by Bud Meyers
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Pew came out with a detailed poll of Californian's attitudes towards, well, just about everything today. (Except, oddly enough, marijuana legalization). They asked forty one different detailed ...
by jpmassar
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If we want to take another giant step toward achieving America's promise of opportunity and justice for all, every immigrant in the United States should gain access to affordable health care through ...
by Ethan Rome
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Rightwing Talking Point disseminator, the Heritage Foundation, is quietly trying to correct the damage done by one of their "policy advisers" earlier this week -- they're letting their faux expert/...
by jamess
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As kos pointed out a few weeks ago, support for a path to citizenship for unauthorized/undocumented immigrants rises if the question mentions paying a fine and back taxes. As always, the devil is ...
by Anthony de Jesus
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61-year-old Humble Preparatory Academy first grade teacher, Ester Irene Stokes is using a very disturbing defense after being accused of fondling a seven-year-old student, she claims she couldn't ...
by Elon James White
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On Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz told Sean Hannity: “I think that [a path to citizenship] is profoundly unfair …” It looks like the Texas Senator (Cuban-American) Ted Cruz is the poster boy for ...
by Dose of Tequila
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Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, a Mexican-born immigrant and chairman of the committee on migration for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recently spoke about illegal ...
by Anthony de Jesus
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That turn of a phrase was just too good -- not to write a brief post about it. First Rubio has been complaining (in between gulps of water) that the President needs to send his Immigration plan ...
by jamess
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Employers such as car washes, corporate farms, construction companies and lawn care businesses entice immigrants into the United States by providing jobs no questions asked. They lure undocumented ...
by Leo W Gerard
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The new bipartisan immigration framework announced by the "Gang of 8" brought some great news for Mitt Romney. After he lost the Hispanic vote by 44 ...
by Jon Perr
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Hi, all. Today's report features: • West Wing Week: The White House’s video retrospective. • POTUS & VPOTUS meet with newly elected governors:
by Kat 4 Obama
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In a disturbing turn of events, documents procured by the Washington Post have exposed a senior-ranking Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official explicitly stating that even while ...
by Lets Breakthrough
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