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Among the many life-changing freedoms Americans gained under Obamacare was the option to leave jobs at big employers - the only ones offering workers comprehensive, affordable health benefits ...
by Ethan Rome
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The Huffington Post reports that the Center for American Progress ("a pillar of the Democratic establishment in Washington") is walking away from negotiations aimed at reaching a grand bargain in ...
by Bud Meyers
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I like this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/native-american-veterans-memorial-gets-legislative-push/2013/05/23/b8c545ee-c3e6-11e2-8c3b-0b5e9247e8ca_story....
by poopdogcomedy
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is the way prescriptions are handled. No, I am not talking about Medicare Part D and the donut hole, or the ban against negotiation of prices or of reimportation, all of which are important issues.
by teacherken
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So all hell has broken loose, huh? This is the Obama administration that we've been warned about for years. The deep rooted, treacherous executive branch headed by the socialist lying Negro has ...
by Elon James White
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For people who were blown away to learn recently that the 11 largest global pharmaceutical companies made an astonishing $711 billion in profits over the last decade, here's another measure of the ...
by Ethan Rome
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Last month, at an emotional in hearing in Sacramento  and in ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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Medicare, Part D, prescription drug plans are frequently not available for low-income Americans who do not qualify for Medicaid. (The asset tests to qualify for help leave out many who still must ...
by akmk
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Why are some states standing in the way of cheaper versions of biologic drugs that the FDA deems safe? An editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday which discusses how biosimilars can ...
by PharmacyAccess
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The DEA is kind of like having a kid who's in an arcade playing whack-a-mole. And the kid isn't winning but he keeps asking us for more money so he can try again. In the 90s the crackdown was on ...
by Sagan
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Dear fellow Kossacks, Short diary. Wondering if someone can help me with the following: Anyone familiar with California insurance law? My mother was recently switched to a plan called Medicare 65+
by gladkov
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This video featuring pharmacist Todd Pendergraft of Broken Arrow Family Drugs gives us an up close and personal look at the incredible about of waste (in both dollars and prescription drugs) that is ...
by PharmacyAccess
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During the 2010 campaign, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell falsely charged that with the Affordable Care Act President Obama was " sticking it to seniors ." McConnell's GOP was rewarded for ...
by Jon Perr
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Suddenly Homeless Charley Needs Our Help Again Fellow Kossack Charley James needs our help again. If we don't pitch in one more time, then the man who is giving us the moving and eye-opening ...
by ShoshannaD
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That cynical ploy of the Romney/Ryan plan to gut Medicare, but to keep the senior vote by putting those cuts off on the next batch of retirees, is looking increasingly empty. That's because their ...
by Joan McCarter
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In the week since Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan as his running mate, both Democrats and Republicans have claimed theirs is the party which will save and protect Medicare, the federal health ...
by Jon Perr
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Federal Medicaid regulations don’t require states to cover prescription drugs, yet most states do have drug coverage under their state Medicaid programs. But that fact is rapidly changing. With ...
by PharmacyAccess
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I was checking out the Five on Fixed News, to see what the enemy was thinking about Sunnunu's "learn to be an American" line. And I found myself watching the generally pointless 4th block of the ...
by nklein
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At the end of last week, a major news story remained largely uncovered and unaddressed in the media. The massive British pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKlein, was force to pay $3 billion dollars ...
by cabaretic
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The Illinois Cares Rx Program comes to an end tomorrow, and will leave some 165,000 seniors without the financial assistance they need to pay for medications or Medicare Part D premiums. The cuts ...
by PharmacyAccess
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