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Today, CJ Online presented a story some of us have known about for a while. http://cjonline.com/news/2014-06-24/douglas-county-mandates-residential-permit-kobachs-barn#.U6rVjYmo0FA.twitter ...
by Chris Reeves
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If you thought Greg Abbott still didn't have enough explaining to do, I'd love to see how he tries to explain the position his party's candidate for state controller has taken on raising sales taxes.
by alaprst
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"I love Milwaukee," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told a reporter a few months back. The right-wing Republican was responding to criticisms that his policies were taking away constitutionally ...
by rlegro
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It's possible that soon, Pennsylvanians 60 and older crushed by soaring local property taxes will be able to have them reduced by "volunteering" to work at a local school to earn property tax credits.
by ProgressivePatriotPA
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There are some diaries alleging that Mitt Romney has done something wrong by asking for his property in San Diego county to be reassessed to way less than the sale price from a few months before. ...
by Attorney at Arms
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Just spent a wonderful week in the mountains of Colorado with some friends. It's beautiful ski country with pristine lakes. Our friend has done well for himself and owns a lot of mountain property.
by Geriw
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At what point did Republicans declare war on teachers? ...
by Barbara Morrill
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[ Cross Posted from MuskegonCritic.blogspot.com ] Michigan is looking down the barrel of a large shift over to Republicans this year. Republican ...
by Muskegon Critic
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As Bob Ehrlich circles the state making empty promises to business owners and shooting "man on the street" videos with GOP ringers not disclosing their ties to his campaign, the truth is never far ...
by justdafacts
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I am all for Andy Cuomo running for New York Governor - hooray. Broadly speaking he has been a steadfast supporter of progressive ideas, he's not my dream candidate but he should be fine I guess. ...
by stillman
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For those that reside outside of Alabama, it might come as a big surprise that our state is only one of two left that fully tax food. The neighboring State of Mississippi as you can see is the other.
by alpolitics
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Bob Ehrlich’s habit of rewriting history and wishing away his record was on display a couple of Saturdays ago, when he told his radio audience he did not raise taxes in 2003. Ha! Less ...
by justdafacts
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Here's a kernel of good news from Tuesday’s game changing election in Massachusetts: When Martha Coakley lost a sure bet Democratic seat, former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich lost his last ...
by justdafacts
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Conservatives love to quote Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism . But I doubt that many of them have actually read his works. Adam smith extolled the free market in his seminal work, An Inquiry ...
by bay of arizona
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This diary is in response to comments received in yesterday’s diary entry. The first complaint that was received was that somehow teachers are against all forms of accountability—this ...
by bartct
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I just paid a 7% tax on a non-fast food ham sandwich. My wife didn't believe me until I showed her the receipt. As of April 1, 2008 the Indiana sales tax increased from 6% to 7% - while homeowner ...
by Democratic Tribune
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America: land of innovation, of the can-do spirit, of Yankee ingenuity. Americans were the first people in the world to declare independence from an empire -- and get away with it. Americans dug ...
by Geenius at Wrok
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All my math is fuzzy.
by willep
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Having just filed your income tax returns you might be interested: recently The Wall Street Journal had a series recently purporting to prove that the wealthy pay MORE than their share of taxes.
by douglassmyth
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I mean, I would love to be able to park the car, stroll down the street and take care of my business in a bunch of family owned establishments. I really try to do that. But a problem arose: the ...
by willep
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