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During the short space in my early 20s when I took Ayn Rand's philosophy seriously, it occurred to me more than once that perhaps I found it appealing because I could understand it. Kant? No, I can't,
by DaveElder
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Here's the thing. I love Bernie and have been supporting him for some time. But just because I love Bernie, will support/work for and vote for him does not mean I have to trash Hillary. This is ...
by Jjc2006
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I live in the rural Midwest. Agriculture is the dominant activity, and most folks live in small towns. In many respects, it is a good place to live. People are mostly decent and hard working. ...
by pikachu
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Talk about a flat learning curve - the US auto industry was bailed out back in 2009 as part of the TARP stimulus package for the banking and auto industry, but they're right back to the same ...
by campskunk2
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Baltimore - Washington - 2015 Born and raised in Maryland in the 1940s and 50s, I've spent the last half-decade settling family affairs in Prince Georges County between Baltimore and Washington DC. ...
by HalFonts
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Haymarket Tragedy Note: This is not presented as a general overview of May Day history and the Haymarket Martyrs. For a general overview, please ...
by ZhenRen
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I keep a close watch on this heart of mine I keep my eyes wide open all the time I keep the ends out for the tie that binds Because you're mine, I walk the line I Walk the Line , by Johnny Cash ...
by Galtisalie
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Now that the USGS has preliminary come up with a way to quantify the short term hazard of potentially induced earthquakes it’s important to know what these maps are and mean.
by terrypinder
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“First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law.” These reassuring words from President Obama came during unsettling anti-police riots in Ferguson, MO. But times have stayed ...
by jccayford
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I spend a lot of time on twitter's C-SPAN Washington Journal feed. There I joust with Conservatives and Libertarians over the understanding of what reality is and what a fact in proper context is. ...
by dfwlibrarian
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This is a cautionary tale for the youngest members of Daily Kos. Don't be like me and wait until it is too late to get actively involved. I'm 72 years old with serious health issues that severely ...
by Dorothy Weigel
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Over the course of the last 50 years, we've seen some remarkable generational shifts that ushered in dramatic political change. From Kevin Phillips' Emerging Republican Majority , to Ruy Teixera's ...
by Velvet Revolution
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Photo Credit: NASA Today, I hope to entertain you and include some sciencey stuff. Because astrology is both art and science.
by Siris
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Has anyone visited the comment section of an MSN news story, which involved police brutality of blacks, or just blacks? If you have, you probably noticed an ill feeling in your gut as you read the ...
by TheLovingThinkingFighter
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Bernie Sanders's announcement that he was running for President, and the ensuing fulfillment of the potential for a lively Democratic primary after all, got me thinking about primary season in ...
by pierre9045
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I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I call myself that in order to distinguish myself from the dominant strain of North American Christianity. At the risk of sounding arrogant and judgmental, I am ...
by Bill Day
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There have been a lot of really jaw-dropping questions asked lately. Many times they're asked in the face of the actual answers already being stated. Questions like, "If you're angry at [X], why are ...
by Chazzk
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I am a patriotic American. No. Really. I don't just use that as a cheap buzz word because my talking heads told me that I am. I love my country and I sincerely want to help bring her to a healthy ...
by anb1972
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In the UK the Disasters Emergency Committee is a coordinating body of 13 charities which work together at critical times to raise funds and ensure aid is delivered effectively. Since their launch in ...
by Lib Dem FoP
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A man arrested, healthy and intact in custody was taken by the Law. His death is still the only living fact inside a story rife with every flaw. Policemen, armored, ready for a fight amass to keep a ...
by teddywolf
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