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This is a little late, bit doesn’t seem to have been noticed here; I saw it only because it found its way into the German news at SPIEGEL ONLINE yesterday. From the 9 April 2015 Tampa Bay Times :
by BMScott
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Quick post as I need to leave to take my son to school (my heart is racing even though he's not at this school): In Thurston County in Washington State--no one was hurt: Nobody was hurt during a ...
by Elizaveta
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The Wizard of Oz promised many things. He promised the Cowardly Lion courage, the Tin Man a heart, the Scarecrow a brain, and for Dorothy, well she just wanted to go home to Kansas. Modern day wizard,
by Doctor Jazz
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Can these solve all of our educational woes? (Spoiler: the answer is "no") Maplewood High School has seen 134 arrests since school started August 5, 2014.
by Walter Einenkel
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by Walter Brasch Ten-year-old Kaitlyn Montgomery, a fourth grade student at Park Elementary School in Munhall, Pa., now has access to that school’s restrooms. Like most schools, Park ...
by brasch
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Shut up or we'll shut you up! Since 2008, Arizona has cut K-12 and university budgets more than just about every other ...
by Mother Mags
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Game On For Kansas Schools began their third walk this morning starting in Chatlain Park in Merriam, Kansas. In 2014, Heather Ousley and Judith Deedy felt a chance to ...
by Chris Reeves
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Melting pot The McBain Rural Agricultural School system was looking for a new superintendent of schools. They called in a consultant to help them. He put together a three-page announcement of the ...
by Walter Einenkel
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An excellent and balanced piece in the Wash Post today on Bush's record on school reform as governor of Florida. He put in place a raft of inititiaves--standardized tests, vouchers, and grading ...
by lawrencegoodman
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There is an increasing call to arms by education privateers across the nation that state legislatures should remove tenure from education. The argument has been made that tenure can lead to a school ...
by guts of a liberal
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Why haven’t the property tax cuts included in Governor Walker’s budget proposal gotten much attention from the media or community advocates? One reason might be because of the way he has ...
by WI Budget Project
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Yes folks, we have Bernie Sanders (4:30PM) on today's program! You can listen to today's program here , or watch it on youtube , and remember you can download the Rick Smith Show App in the Google ...
by The Rick Smith Show
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In September of 1991 , Lamar Alexander as U.S. Secretary of Education, Diane Ravitch as Assistant Secretary of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, and Emerson J. Elliott as Acting ...
by Victoria M Young
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The question came up - why? What's the motivation for the Republicans to suddenly hop on the antivax crazy train? Whose money are they following? What is the specific reason to get their followers ...
by eyelessgame
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This has always been one of my favorite educator and writer gatherings. I hope to see you there: I invite you to the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention in ...
by The Book Bear
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And by that, I don't mean a canned food drive . You’ve likely heard of students bringing canned food to school for food drives, but have you ever heard of bringing a canned food item to school ...
by Risen Tree
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by Walter Einenkel
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Torah reading for this Shabbat: Genesis 44:16 to 47:27 Haftarah: Ezekiel 37: 15-28 Last week's Torah reading ended when Joseph announces that he will keep Benjamin in Egypt as his slave, the ...
by Navy Vet Terp
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About a week ago, I posted about the Australian Christian Lobby's efforts to ensure that schools are a dangerous place for LGBT students. I did a little research, and unsurprisingly, their campaign ...
by leftprogressive
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I'm not surprised to see this from an organization that has previously compared its pro-LGBT opponents to Nazis four separate times, all of which were sincere, not rhetorical or in jest. Here's ...
by leftprogressive
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