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Dear Wendys Wink, Enclosed is your 2015 Democratic National Committee membership verification card. Please take a moment to review this information and make any necessary corrections. (Blather ...
by Wendys Wink
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The NY Times had an article on a troubling trend in medical care. More Americans are finding it necessary to get money to pay medical bills by asking for donations on crowd-funding sites. [There's ...
by workingwords
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I have blogged before about Managed Medicare abuses. About how a loophole in health care law allows the plans to bill their own internal Q&A as direct patient care. And about the massive number of ...
by McCamy Taylor
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by navajo
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The 7/18 Boston Globe had an Op-Ed article "Medicare ‘cost-savings’ rules pushing costs onto patients" . It's written by Robert Kuttner (author of "Debtors’ Prison: The Politics of Austerity ...
by workingwords
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A bill that would provide universal health care coverage for all Pennsylvanians is being considered in the PA Legislature, and a new study about the plan says it would be just as healthy for the ...
by ProgressivePatriotPA
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Many of the most important issues will have been censored at the debate; and they can be expected to be censored from any other debate controlled by the Commission on Presidential Debates. In 1988 ...
by zacherystaylor
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Short post here, but I think this notion speaks for itself. The Thugs are concerned about voter fraud and want voters to have ID. OK--here's a great plan to accomplish that ... Establish single ...
by thresholder
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On October 23, the Campaign for a Healthy California sponsored a presentation in Fresno about single payer healthcare for California. James Haslam, of the Vermont Workers Center, and Donna Smith, ...
by ybruti
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On July 14th, Green Change announced the campaign for a Green New Deal , a 10-point program to create economic prosperity together with ecological ...
by greenferret
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Press Release 21March 2010 John Russell, 2006-08 Democratic Nominee U.S. House Dist. 5, Fl. So How Does "THIS" Benefit ME? I have no inside knowledge as to just how this ...
by Sabre11
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Dear Friends in Tampa, Florida and vicinity, (From John Russell on FaceBook) You are hereby invited to participate in... "A Health Care Event to Inspire..."Action Over Hope!" Organized by the ...
by Sabre11
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Tammy Baldwin came to town yesterday, and told me she has hope for single payer. Stoughton, Wisconsin, is a very conservative city, but I was very pleased to see an equal mix of wingers and singers (
by jazzharp
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A recently formed group, (a "Think Tank" according to Tom Jackson Tampa Tribune) has organized a protest against Health Reform Tomorrow, Saturday 8/22/09 beginning at 11:00 AM John Russell a leader ...
by Sabre11
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This weekend I wrote the health care speech I want to hear our president deliver. It's below the fold.
by cmanaster
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An email today from a progressive organization confirmed that 76% of Americans prefer single payer health care. They were asking for money to air an ad that merely told senators that the matter was ...
by Deena Stryker
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I walked over to the SE corner of the Capitol Grounds today to lend my support to the Progressive Caucus's call for single payer health care. I got as far as the Library of Congress where I - and ...
by mecki
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Health Care for America Now lists members of Congress that have endorsed a set of [http://healthcareforamericanow.org/site/content/statement_of_common_purpose core principles] supporting a viable ...
by TriangleNC
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Come il cacio sui maccheroni ! Frustrated? Me?
by mightyquinntheeskimo
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They're just doing their job. Unlike AARP, who appeared, even then, to be acting against the best interest of their constituents, the AMA is dedicated to helping DOCTORS make a living.
by GenerationIgnored
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