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Charlie could have been interviewing Condi just prior to invading Iraq. Everything National Security Advisor Susan Rice said about Iraq and Syria appeared to be either a political sham or a product ...
by waterstreet2008
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ISIS’s burning to decay and ashes the vital and living Mind, Heart and Body of young Jordanian Pilot is not really a Game Changer. The Rotten, Nihilistic, Death Core of these particular Jihadists��
by Leah Sellers
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You had them mad at you last year as well when you decided not to attack the regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for his use of chemical weapons, and decided to use a diplomatic alternative instead. ...
by NedSparks
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The common perception is that we are killing the worst of the worst, ISIS. It's an easy sell to make because the jihadists have intentionally sold themselves as butchers that should be feared.
by gjohnsit
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The civil war in Syria has been largely a contest between the murderous Assad regime and the murderous jihadist rebels, with just enough moderate rebels to give the west hope. Unfortunately, ...
by gjohnsit
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Until Obama started bombing Syria, almost no one had ever heard of the Khorasan Group. All of a sudden this group was a bigger threat than ISIS . "The intelligence reports indicated that the ...
by gjohnsit
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According to the LA Times Turkey has agreed to allow its bases to be used for airstrikes in Syria and has agreed to train and equip "moderate" forces in Syria. It's not clear at this time what this ...
by AoT
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"Conspicuously absent from the debate about ISIS and U.S. intervention—both in the mainstream and in the leftosphere—are Syrian voices," writes Danny Poste l, co-editor with Nader Hashemi of The ...
by JohnMiguel
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For decades Americans have overestimated the military effectiveness of airstrikes while underestimating the negative consequences of them. Our potential Syrian rebels allies are painfully aware ...
by gjohnsit
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Just in case some folk still thought there were such things as "moderate Sunni rebels" being funded in Syria by Saudi and Kuwaiti armchair jihadists, this bit of news should serve to disabuse them ...
by Phoenix Woman
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American interventions in the Mideast have been little short of disastrous: starting with the CIA coup in Iran in 1953, which led to the Islamic Revolution and the current Islamic state. Further, ...
by douglassmyth
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American hostages have been brutally ...
by Jon Perr
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If you're looking for a handy guide to the blame game over the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Vox has a helpful primer to "how the US, its allies, and its enemies all made ISIS ...
by Jon Perr
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August 22nd marked the 1-year anniversary of Syrian President Bashar Assad's chemical attack on the Syrian people.
by StopMotionsolo
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How the War on Terror Created the World’s Most Powerful Terror Group by Patrick Cockburn, The Nation, August 21, 2014. Iraqi officials confirm that they have captured sophisticated arms from ISIS ...
by CIndyCasella
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The gruesome murder of American ...
by Jon Perr
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Even though Obama decided we should bomb Iraq and drop some humanitarian supplies to help the Yazidis, it hasn't been enough bombing for John McCain. As usual,
by Mark Fiore
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Again, huge asshole here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/24/tom-cotton-farm-bill_n_5617523....
by poopdogcomedy
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Yessiree !! That's the Craigslist ad. Posted Egypt, Turkey, Jordan CL pages. First non-snarkalicious thing you and your buds need to know is you ain't getting big super-nasty weapons. You get ...
by waterstreet2013
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It's a good time to be in Iraq, if you're a crazed Muslim zealot bent on creating a caliphate, that is. Iraq is suddenly back on everyone's radar now that ISIS is taking ...
by Mark Fiore
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