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The news and reports on are finally growing rapidly, thanks mostly to this technology as it pushes the mainstream into the need to follow, most reluctantly, as facts are facts that can't be denied. ...
by jimstaro
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After years of reading Kos and staying in the background, the $100 lifetime subscription and the gentle prodding of the Kos community convinced me to stop lurking and start posting. I've been in ...
by RTHolhut
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A real progressive takes the leap into state politics, but petty, back-room political rivalries block her nomination. So, she runs as an independent in a special election that no one knows about, ...
by gloriasb
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The recommended diaries list has been looking a little angrier than usual this past week, and for good reason - as a progressive, it is really, really difficult to find something to be excited about ...
by MattFromVermont
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Delaware doesn't get talked about all that often for being a blue ...
by MattFromVermont
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I'm obviously referencing Dopper0189's rec listed diary about DEFUNDING CONSERVATISM. It's ...
by mdmslle
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To say things are bad for teachers in Michigan is tragic understatement. Layoff notices are being issued around the state (per union contracts) for the coming school year. The most significant ...
by Eclectablog
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(Cross-posted at Green Mountain Daily ) This is another installment from my project that has been in the works now for ...
by MattFromVermont
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It's time folks. Time to get started on our plan. Today we begin choosing our first target.
by mdmslle
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This is a re-post. For some reason, when I posted this last time, it posted to my personal page rather than the group page. I want this diary to appear in the group blog page so ...
by mdmslle
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The election of President Barack Obama and a large majority of Democrats in both houses of Congress provided a rare, once-in-a-generation opportunity for the United States to move in a boldly ...
by Eric Stetson
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Crossposted on Amplify While a lot of public attention has been given to abortion policy in Washington (abortion funding in health care reform, the potential ...
by dandaman6007
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Cross-posted at www.PoliticalReformer.com In modern day Louisiana, there are very few places where a person is not legally permitted to carry ...
by DoctorJesse
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Arizona's draconian immigration law is rightly being castigated, but this bill needs a three legged attack strategy. It's mostly being attacked on only two fronts, boycotts and lawsuits. The last ...
by dopper0189
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Last week we we spent some time talking about the Overton Window as it relates to "purists" and "pragmatists". Crissie made a very strong case for the importance and impact of ...
by mdmslle
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by NCrissieB
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Over the past few weeks I have had the displeasure of hearing more and more radio commercials for Meg Whitman on the radio here in So Cal. What amazes me is the total disconnect between her ideas ...
by Dreggas
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You didn't misread that title - SB400 , the bill in the PA State Senate for statewide single payer health care, is getting some hearings ...
by rossl
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This diary will be short as I don't have many sources for this, but it's another outrage from partisan, ideological vacuum of Tallahassee that continually plays up politics (and tries to hide it's ...
by jpfdeuce
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As we're all caught up in the senate leadership battles, the NYT reports late today that not only is the state's senate caught up in internal battles, but apparently now state tax revenue has taken ...
by liveblueordie
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