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Guardian UK Overstock.com has said they have rejoined ALEC to fight on internet tax increase. Let's reiterate; there is no good excuse to be a member of ALEC. Controversial lobbying group Alec has ...
by VL Baker
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Former US Senate candidate, Dr. Scott Noren, is calling for a National Boycott of all Walmart Stores on December 22nd from opening til close. I think this is more effective than just telling people ...
by DoctorNoren
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I feel so helpless. And hopeless. This was on my cousin's Facebook page today, in response to him saying the looting was wrong. I tried to explain that when people feel powerless, they act. But then ...
by adigal
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Progressives are going to get absolutely nowhere until they take control of the message. And only by reforming network TV can they do that. The Internet may be the coming wave when it comes to news, ...
by SmallTownHick
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The misogynistic, right wing reactionary bigots of #GamerGate are still at it. And this time, they've taken a page from our progressive playbook. The Washington Post reports that the lynch mob has ...
by SethRightmer
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Today, I found out: Jimmy John's forces employees to sign non-compete clauses ...lest they take a job at Subway. The owner also likes to shoot big-game in Africa as reported here . Add that to ...
by Yamaneko2
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https://www.facebook.com/BadCopNoDonuts/photos/a.1538270479743024.1073741827.1538269576409781/1548179015418837/?type=1 This is a story about someone who created a Facebook page that is thrilled when ...
by Vet63
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Today, eBay defended their membership in ALEC, as if it were just a troop of Boy/Girl Scouts. This is my response on their page at http://qu.ebay.com/survey?srvName=globalheader+(footer-US). I ...
by CAOgdin
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Dear Rich: I was not satisfied with our earlier conversation about State Farm's involvement with the right-wing political group ALEC. I've lined up some competitive quotes, and I'm ready to switch.
by Chango
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Sorry, Paul Hogarth of Daily Kos, but I will not sign your petition telling Kroger that I am counting on them to keep customers and employees safe. That would be counter-productive and dishonest. I ...
by sandyknauer
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In an movie called "Trading Places", the great comic , Edward Regan Murphy said that "the best way to hurt rich people , is to make them poor people". Let's see if this works.
by kid funkadelic
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News broke this week that Go Fund Me, the popular crowd-sourcing site, bans all funding projects for any pro-choice campaigns, but accepts pro-life campaigns. I hope you will join me in the ...
by Lollardfish
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I've seen plenty of lists of corporations/businesses or corporations'/businesses' products to boycott. I'd like to start a list of corporations/businesses to support. I'd be interested to see if ...
by offtherack007
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I case you missed it, Burger King has decided to do a tax inversion. I sent them the following boycott email, and encourage others to do so. --------------------------------------------------------
by jmbar2
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by 47songs
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No, this isn't a War Diary. So you can feel free to read on. If anything, this is a Peace Diary. Because it explains how you can help to be a force for Peace, Human Rights, and Dignity for an ...
by Celtic Merlin
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Walgreens is deciding whether to renounce their US citizenship and move their headquarters overseas. Besides boycotting such selfish stateless multinationals, the best way for We the People to ...
by gnosticator
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I had occasion to visit the privy this morning--I know, too much information. However, if you're visiting a privy or having your constitutional in the privacy of a running-water bathroom, we're all ...
by commonmass
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In the mid-19th century, influenced by the nationalism then sweeping much of the continent, some European Jews concluded that the remedy to centuries of persecution and pogroms in Europe and Russia ...
by Flyswatterbanjo
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This is a short diary. Ted Nugent is a stochastic terrorist. The Nazis were stochastic terrorists. And yes I am making a direct connection to Ted Nugent and Naziism. This is not Godwin's Law, it ...
by ratprique
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