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Remember Strategic Allied Consulting and it's founder, Nathan Sproul? You know...he's the fella who got into a bit of trouble a few weeks back for voter registration fraud while working under ...
by sinnyc
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We all know that it has been discovered the Strategic Allied Counseling has been fraudulently registering voters . This includes registering dead voters, refusing to register non-Republican voters ...
by ThatPoshGirl
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It happened, it can happen again. Those who don't know history, are doomed to repeat history. For those of you who have forgotten the rotten ways the GOP stole Ohio in 2004. In October, 2004, ...
by War on Error
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Julian Assange's statement after extradition ...
by cedar park
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Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer An anonymous informant has provided information indicating that ...
by RogerShuler
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A fair number of Dkos readers and commentors will remember, from the timeframe of America's invasion of Iraq, the name Sibel Edmonds. She was one of the 1st whistleblowers on false media/...
by socks
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Brqad Friedman over at HuffPo and his own BradBlog has a ...
by Airmid
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I usually only get to Listen to Randi Rhodes for about an hour a day. Off and on I get the hour that she goes into in-depth discussions of the election-fraud that is being perpetrated by various ...
by chgotchr
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But it happened. The paper trail said one thing and the electronic voting machines said another. ES&S iVotronic, which failed so publicly in Arkansas ...
by MS
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I post this bit of information because, as I have tried to make clear before, as a technology professional, with 25 years programming experience, the thought of electronic voting machines with no ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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The Great Orange Overlord has spoken on the New Hampshire Primary recount. All is well in the world of Kos, and we ...
by rjones2818
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New Hampshire Recount: Already Worth It w/ poll is frontpaged in a provocative post on Brad Friedman's site, www.bradblog.com, with the poll results from earlier ...
by AskQuestions
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This is a stunning read and Bradblog I believe has always been doing good work in showing election boo boo's as they happen. You do know that Diebold Machines were used in this one. Keep in mind ...
by AHiddenSaint
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Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has offered to tell us everything she knows - regarding illegal weapons sales, money laundering, drug trafficking, ...
by lukery
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Bradblog has been chasing the story about former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds' offer to 'tell all.' Brad has an update here . Sibel has had an ...
by lukery
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I never thought I'd see the day when suddenly out of nowhere I'm the intrepid blogging reporter who is responsible for breaking Google news ...
by waterdancer
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Former FBI translator and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has promised to tell us everything she knows about treason at the highest level of the US government - with one proviso: "Here's my ...
by lukery
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I hope I didn't break the rules but I deleted my other diary so I could post this instead. I searched but couldn't find anything on this horrible bill -
by markthshark
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by Tigana
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Via Thinkprogress A former West Virginia federal prosecutor said Friday the White House fired him in ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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