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I am a huge advocate for unschooling, as I'm sure you can gather if you have read very many of my pieces. Wikipedia defines “unschooling” as a term coined in the 1970s by radical educator John ...
by leftyparent
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Nothing can conger up memories like a television theme song. If the theme song is good often times it is easy to get hooked on the show itself. I've made a list of the top instrumental police/judge/...
by BFSkinner
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What is it about the American people that makes them so easy to control? Dictators have failed over and over again to accomplish such control elsewhere yet it happens here with an invisible ...
by don mikulecky
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Ohh how I bemoaned news over the weekend that the Senate and the Administration had waived their opposition to an extension of payroll tax cuts tied to the Keystone XL Pipeline.
by Jim Neal
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Welcome to a new edition of my (lately) intermittent series of diaries on musical, and otherwise cultural events of the day. First, a couple of anniversaries: 1879: Ibsen's A Doll House premieres:
by aravir
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We are certainly living in very interesting times… I can’t speak for everyone who participates in the Occupy Wall Street movement. I am just one individual who happens to be a ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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Time for some fun. Do you have a favorite scene from Shakespeare? Here's a couple of mine. Sound off below if you have one of your own. Generally I don't much like Julius Caesar , but ...
by Cartoon Peril
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When I first came to this country 20 years ago, Guy Fawkes Night was something of a mystery. I enjoyed the bonfires, but thought them a bit vengeful at this distance; and I missed Hallowe’en. ...
by Reverend Billy
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This little film shows Tuesday's simulcast between the London and New York OCCUPY communities. I flew out to the encampment at St. Paul's Cathedral, and we sang the 99% song together, across the ...
by Reverend Billy
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but I am staying right here to watch the unfolding of the boycott . Who will stay / who will go ? Will the site fold ? Will the site fold and give in to the boycotter's demands ? Will the boycotters ...
by indycam
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Outrage! Cuts! Social Security! Caving! Not so Fast! Capitulation! We don't yet know! Compromise! He's our only hope! Righteous Indignation! Poor Negotiation! Who should we vote for! Medicare! ...
by nwgates
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Just an update on the dinner theater listed in the below article.
by Patrick is Lucky
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My most recent diary was a rant trying - rather desperately - to overcome the well-earned revulsion I felt toward some commenters who spent all their time demanding other people rescue them and zero ...
by Troubadour
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That's right they do...and they'd do anything for it! They'll beg, they'll #ff you on Twitter, they might even break out into a spontaneous rap praising your amazing self... who is this ...
by Spedwybabs
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We've gone over television theme songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, so now we are up to the 1980s. I've listed some of the more well known television themes but I know that there are others out ...
by BFSkinner
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From The Nashville Examiner we get what appears to be a ...
by lostboyjim
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They staged it as well as possible this time it seems! Wow, there they were into the wee hours, facing each other, hands on their still holstered pistols, waiting to see who would back down first.
by don mikulecky
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As I posted yesterday, this will be an intermittent diary series related to events tied to the day it is published. Today is February 18. What happened on this day below the fold:
by aravir
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In this past campaign, we heard yet another round of conservative ads and rhetoric bashing Obama & the Dems over the bailouts, the purchase of GM & Chrysler, and the stimulus. And I feel my blood ...
by J Keplar
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My interest is in conflict resolution, and when I can, I volunteer my skills as an analyst and writer to help bloody circumstances in Democratic Republic of Congo. I've been writing about it a lot ...
by rb137
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