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A recent study published in the prestigious journal Science shows that the fragile ecosystems of the West have suffered extensive damage as a result of increased drilling for oil and gas. This ...
by Steven D
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I was cleaning out my storeroom the other day and came across another recycled solar device that I was fooling with a few years ago. A one liter clear plastic bottle makes a good hot cap or cloche ...
by gmoke
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Okay, so I go into the bathroom, again. And what do I find? I look in the mirror, and there's a note, hanging in the mirror, on the 'other' side of the glass, facing me, that says. "Gone for the ...
by nicolemaschke
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Happy Global Warming Earth Day to you! Let's not do anything about it, just light more candles and sing! As Marco Rubio says, the climate is always changing. So who's going to blow out the candles?
by laloalcaraz
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Photo diaries about wildflowers and trees, birds and bugs, and maybe some critters as I wander and learn about the natural beauty of our world. April 2015, Chattahoochee, FL Well, another ...
by PHScott
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The largest koi pond in this here parts As beautiful as it may seem to watch thousands of goldfish swim about in late afternoon light of a Boulder, Colorado day, for the Parks and Wildlife, ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Planted the first bed of peas in my garden today with some lettuce and spinach sharing the space and set up a solar coldframe in which I planted cucumber, kale and rocket salad seeds. A few more ...
by gmoke
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Boston, MA, April 2, 2015--Helping to kick off Harvard’s first annual “Climate Week,” centenarian F. Gorham Brigham, Jr., and 97-year-old Del Markoff, Harvard Business School’s oldest living ...
by gmoke
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Tuesday, March 31 I saw Andreas Kraemer, International Institute for Advanced Sustainability in Pottsdam, founder of the Ecological Institute of Berlin, and currently associated with Duke University,
by gmoke
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by Matthew Wilcox Courtesy of Ecology Florida Just north of the City of Brooksville, Florida, off of Highway 98, sits a small tree farm that is owned and operated by Steve McCortney. Mr. McCortney ...
by jtietz
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How bad is Ocean Warming caused by anthropogenic climate change? To answer my question, the effects of the current rise in temperatures of our oceans is worse than you or I could have imagined.
by Steven D
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For the past year, the Cambridge, MA city government has had a Getting to Net Zero Task Force studying the implications of a net zero energy building requirement. They finished the draft report on ...
by gmoke
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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Coffee Hour at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can discuss what’s happening in our lives, what we’ve been working on, and our opinions on ...
by Ojibwa
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So this happened: Governor Matt Mead (R-Wyo.) signed into law Senate File 0015 (that is, a state senate bill), called (stand by for this): AN ACT relating to crimes and offenses; creating the ...
by Village Vet
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Here's the text of a presentation I did today at Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's Building Energy conference. This was the first time they addressed urban agriculture. Everybody eats and ...
by gmoke
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Tonto National Forest One executive action most conservatives hate is the establishment of a national monument, which the president can do without congressional approval. He/...
by Mother Mags
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Ecology Florida Staff Ecology Florida supports the addition of Monarchs to the Endangered Species List A timely report from Organic Consumers Association has been released with an emphatic ...
by jtietz
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Cities scale is where real climate change adaptation is taking place, now, whether or not we have national or international agreements on greenhouse gases. Cities and regions have to deal with ...
by gmoke
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In January 1960, two ocean explorers named Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard took the manned submersible Trieste to the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, the deepest spot in the ocean.
by Lenny Flank
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A plateau in the Eastern Chukchi Sea, Alaska has just received protection from oil drilling from the Interior Department. The plateau is a walrus nursery where thousands congregate to give birth and ...
by Pakalolo
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