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Memorial Day Sunday 2012 was a historic day at our church, Highland Baptist of Louisville. Why? We ordained someone to the ministry. "So what?" you say. "Churches do that all the time." True, ...
by bmaples
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In case you're not aware, the people of the District of Columbia are governed not by our city government, but by Congress. Unlike the citizens of every state in the union, our local government ...
by mistersite
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Boy, oh boy. There sure has been a lot of cheering and moaning about U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker's decision to declare unconstitutional a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.
by Steve Masover
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Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan wrote that he believed Walker may have overreached in his decision legalizing equal marriage when he stated: “the exclusion exists as an artifact of ...
by NCJan
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Seek this [alternate diary for further updates http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/11/3/800260/-Alternative-Maine-Results-Thread-%28Updated-X11%29] - thanks fladem! :: UPDATE: Adam ...
by Spud1
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Cross posted at Dirigo Blue I'll guess that Stand for Marriage Maine (S4MM) already had the ad buy in place, and that despite yesterday's ruling ...
by Spud1
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Cross posted at Dirigo Blue Stand for Marriage Maine (S4MM) will begin to run its first TV ad today. As expected, it does not affirm traditional ...
by Spud1
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The much awaited spin-off of last summer's hit series, Yes on 8 , is now ready to launch its new season. The same drama, the same white-knuckle fear, featuring an all-new ...
by Chino Blanco
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Cross posted at Dirigo Blue The Portland Press Herald has this opinion piece this morning,
by Spud1
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Cross posted at Dirigo Blue Bob Emrich, one of the founders of Stand for Marriage Maine (S4MM), has an opinion piece in today's Bangor Daily ...
by Spud1
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Cross posted at Turn Maine Blue A political action committee formed by James Dobson's fundamentalist Christian group, Focus on the Family, has ...
by Spud1
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Like many LGBT Obama supporters, I'm angry at this administration - angry at the clear lack of any concrete action demonstrating President Obama's "fierce advocacy" of our rights. I know that Obama ...
by CPT Doom
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Like so many others today, I am speechless with impotent rage and disgust. I don't know really, how to use it productively. But when I think about you, what I think of is how you always find things ...
by azrefugee
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We've been together for a while now and it's getting serious. And we're both at the age now where we see everyone around us getting married, and we kind of think that we ought to be getting married ...
by ipso
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As you know, today Gov. John Baldacci of Maine signed L.D. 1020, An Act To End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom. This law removes all reference to gender in Maine's ...
by Spud1
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Please excuse the brevity of this diary: Tuesday, 5 May, the Maine House takes up debate on L.D. 1020, An Act To End ...
by Spud1
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This morning, gay people got married in Iowa. The Des Moines Register has all the details here : ...
by Elise
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The so-called National Organization for Marriage (but you can call it the National Organization for Straight Folks Getting Hitched but No One Else, No Way) has put out talking points for ...
by maineiac
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Chuck Norris, that bastion of mediocrity, best buddy to Mike Huckabee, internet phenom, and disgustingly uninformed conservative, ...
by Kaity
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The United Church of Christ (UCC) has filed a petition with the Supreme Court of California to have the recently approved Proposition 8 overturned. ...
by pucknomad
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