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What high-ranking elected officials in the Republican Party need most right now is a fool. Not the kind who’s addled or stupid, but a wise fool who is allowed to take the liberty to speak truth ...
by TRPChicago
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Rick Santorum would be the GOP's ideal presidential candidate in 2012. Embracing a moveable moderate like Mitt Romney would be a horrible mistake for today's Republican Party. Since 2010's off-...
by TRPChicago
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What a time it is to be a believer! With one minor exception, the GOP's declared candidates for President are out on the hustings, actively promoting the socio-religious agenda of the Far Right. At ...
by TRPChicago
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It was an unusually warm day last week at my local state fair. I was busy helping staff the Democratic Party's booth there when a hot-headed working class woman angrily marched up and started ...
by Adodie
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Dear Speaker Boehner, It's tough to be you. Your majority is a Great Hall full of Princes and Princesses, 240 of them (counting you), each from their own principality where they prevailed in the ...
by TRPChicago
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If you think Citizens United was bad, just give republicans a chance to pick the next one or more supreme court justices. Handing corporations free reign to manipulate the political system was only ...
by laborlou
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I really do believe that the craziness displayed by the radical right in general and those who are involved in the Tea Party in particular - has lowered the level of not just political discourse, ...
by RockyMtnLib
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So, like many of you, I'm a politics dork . . . like a really, really big politics dork. I can hear your jaw hitting the keyboard is stricken disbelief. A whuh?!? Can it possibly be true?
by daveinchi
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So, why would a dyed in the wool liberal extol the virtues of Michele Bachmann? Read on...
by myles spicer
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In thinking about Glen Beck's "Rally for Honor" on August 28th, the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech on the very same spot, I do have to ask myself: why is there not a "
by jblossom
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I talk to people every day. People who are really pretty smart. I watch as people get angry at President Obama for seemingly having not only caused all of today’s problems but apparently ...
by Player
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Depressing news : A Dutch anti-Islam party has more than doubled its seats in parliament in a national vote, though it ...
by Desbrisay
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The Republican Party has been dominated by radicals ... who, at a fundamental level, do not accept anyone else’s right to govern. Hastening ... a return to power is ...
by Burt Hall
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This will be a brief meta diary. Today I have had the pleasure of reading two diaries with Palin's name in the title, both of which were well argued, about what the best strategy for Progressives is ...
by randomfacts
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A report by liberal advocacy group People for the American Way called “(Pre)Viewing the Right-Wing Playbook on Immigration” has pulled from years of expertise on the right to ...
by Lets Breakthrough
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The state of our politics is not good and getting worse with each presidential term. Our country is steadily declining. It's time to stop the far-right trend of undermining government when out of ...
by Burt Hall
Comment Count 4 comments on Thu Mar 18, 2010 at 10:02 AM PDT with 7 Recommends
There are doubtless many disgruntled and disappointed progressives in the Democratic party. But we must hope that there are few that would "kill the bill" at this point. I have seen a lot of this ...
by TheTrucker
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"Fast away the old year passes" as the old carol goes. And it is at this time of the year that my thoughts turn to family and friends who have left us over the years and the memories of them and the ...
by tjlabs
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Yet another crack in in the conservative movement: Charles Johnson , founder of conservative group blog Little Green Footballs and co-...
by John Campanelli
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Way back in October of 2007, I joined Redstate in an attempt to engage in some type of debate with Republicans. Well, after waiting the 24 hour period before I could post (seriously?), I was banned ...
by bobcatgrad
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