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DNA is all the rage in many genealogical circles. So, let's do a bit of a round-up of genetic fun.....
by mayim
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Until lately I knew almost nothing about Charles Price, my grandmother's great-grandfather, beyond his name and the relevant dates of birth and death. For reasons any family historian will ...
by slksfca
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As promised to the genealogical community here, I’m reporting back on my experience traveling to Salt Lake City for research at the Family History Library. Others are invited to describe their ...
by Zwenkau
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We've all had it happen during our research ~ run across a record where the name is the same but it's not clear that it's referring to the person with that name that we are looking to trace. ...
by mayim
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A few weeks after I first started on my genealogical journey I discovered a document that made me both sad and, I’m sorry to say, happy at the same time. It was the death record for my great-...
by fenway49
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As my mother approaches her 101st birthday, her mind is on fire with long-ago memories. Today, she told me the story of her grandmother, Sarah Plotkin Weintraub, who, in the early 20th century, was ...
by gloriasb
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Anyone who’s done any genealogical research has quickly figured out that some places are genealogical gold mines – they kept great records – and others, not so much. Since I started my family ...
by fenway49
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Getting to know the places your ancestors lived, both physically and sociologically, can enhance your research, fleshing out the names and dates, and also can help suggest new ways to find further ...
by mayim
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by figbash
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So my trusty calendar beeps yesterday afternoon to tell me that today's my turn to post. Eek! I have no fewer than nine posts in various states of unfinished-ness and I had no time to write. The ...
by fenway49
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A few weeks ago, I was at the wonderful Maine state library (an excellent place!) and saw a new biography of Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, one of the Peabody sisters of Salem . Since I have people ...
by mayim
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Straight maternal lines..... they tend to be hard for genealogists to trace, as written records for women are less complete (England is just now getting around to adding mother's names to marriage ...
by mayim
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I've had a great genealogy-filled summer this year. Well, at least as "genealogy-filled" as I'm going to get as long as I have children living at home. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that I ...
by Jim H
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I’m not particularly talented at any musical instrument, but I’m an excellent singer…in my own mind, or perhaps my own shower. (To hear my wife tell it, I shouldn’t quit my day job.) It wasn��
by fenway49
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How many total ancestors do you have? Genealogists identify ancestors by following paper trails preserved in archives—traditional and digital. Although the goals of genealogists vary, a large ...
by Ruby JM
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We all goof. Sometimes it's a beginner's mistake, sometimes it's a typo, and sometimes the record is wrong. Today's topic ~ mistakes I've made or run across in my research, so others can learn from ...
by mayim
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Genealogists tend to love cemeteries. I know I do ~ both as an information source and for their beauty, whether it's green space in the city or a little family plot on the side of the road. So, ...
by mayim
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In 1976, Carroll Mendenhall Leonard put his ten years of genealogical research into a book of 645 pages that covered the family history of the Grigsby and Leonard families. It was a masterful ...
by Susan Grigsby
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by Susan Grigsby
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Westward migration is an important part of the history of many American families. It wasn’t really so in my family. To my knowledge – and I can go back more than four centuries on some branches ...
by fenway49
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