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Does anyone really believe a handshake between President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro heralds a new positive direction for American foreign policy that will actually benefit the people in ...
by PeterBalesHistoryTales
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Since sometime in the summer of 2009, we've been hearing that President Obama has "historically low approval ratings." Is that true? Well, he has, recently and briefly, fallen below 40% approval in ...
by OutOnALimb
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The "Democratic Donkey" was originally a political attack twisting President Andrew Jackson's name to "Jackass," but Democrats embraced the symbolism of an animal associated with hard work. I've ...
by Doctor RJ
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I missed the last Richard Nixon anniversary (his resignation, of course). I was going to write a diary about it, but never got around to it. Then it turned out others wrote diaries about their ...
by AllTheWayWithLBJ85
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I was five years old, in the Summer of 1974. My family was highly political and solidly Democratic. Grandad, with his hat and John Slattery look would come home from his job as a computer systems ...
by commonmass
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The brain trust at Western Journalism is predicting that National Impeach Obama Week (August 23) "could be a game-changer" for the Impeach Obama movement. Apparently the Impeach Obama Coalition , ...
by BetteNoir
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Numerous pundits and politicians on the right (otherwise known as chickenhawks) have been making the argument that what is happening in Iraq is what President Obama should have expected when he "cut ...
by Village Vet
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Watch this video of David Brat ( h/t Salon ) particularly starting 2:30 in, where he has a classic response to a serious policy question.
by ericf
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As the the president and congressional Democrats have begun to push the minimum wage as a midterm election issue (as they did back in 2006 as well), I became curious about the history of minimum ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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North Carolinians against Amendment One lost their fight. An amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman as "the only legal domestic union" is now part of the state's constitution. ...
by jpmassar
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Hanskey asks “How come governors get presidential nominations more often than people in other offices?” That's a good question, and political scientists have been talking about it for decades. ...
by Ponder Stibbons
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It think it's safe to say that with the benefit of hindsight, Gerald Ford was one of the best presidents of all time. For proof, let's jump!
by thinkdouble
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This is perhaps the least election-related, but I think appointments are a big part of that, still. Enjoy!
by Ponder Stibbons
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It's Wednesday, so here's the next part!
by Ponder Stibbons
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Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer Myths can be harmful. And perhaps the most damaging myth in ...
by RogerShuler
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by teacherken
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I've done this topic before a while back, but I thought it ...
by Doctor RJ
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Presidential Rankings can be found here. An ...
by Julie Gulden
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Last night, Jon Stewart covered Obama's speech and also noted a lack of specifics, though that should ...
by BruinKid
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Originally published on March 3, 2010 at Yo Mama For Obama Jerald terHorst died the other day. You may ask “Who was Jerald terHorst?”
by yomamaforobama
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