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The United States at the dawn of the twentieth century was a nation transformed. The rural, agrarian nation of Jefferson's time and Jefferson's vision had embarked on a Hamiltonian evolution, the ...
by dsteffen
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I have been doing a lot of thinking about how the republicans want to save money by cutting popular social programs and now the new/no so new tactic of cutting Medicare payments to doctors. First of ...
by tlcpro
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You are a good person with a desire to help those in need. One day, after seeing a family in deep crisis, you help to set up a new home for them. Afterward, you maintain close ties with that family ...
by FisherShannon
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By taking the first step, and continuing on until all corruption is gone, honesty in government is restored, and our government is controlled once again by the MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not ...
by jenniferny
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The Anglo-Dutch war was a turning point for the two nations as well. Separated by the sliver of water once called the “Narrow Sea”, the two peoples were more alike and akin than any other two ...
by governance4us
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CONNEDservatives hate /distrust/despise Liberals , & Liberals call CONNEDservatives CRAZY or NUTS! They call "educated" CONNEDservatives LIARS! I found what we have, is a system of LIARS (Con-...
by Han G Thesobs
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If this Front Page post is correct, Congressional Democrats now have the parliamentary tools to force passage of a clean funding bill for the remainder of the fiscal year for DHS. The Democrats ...
by LeftOfYou
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By the end of June, the “Remonstrance of New Netherland” was complete. The eighty-four pages included a compilation of the opinions of the people, a history of Dutch discovery and development, ...
by governance4us
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Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Retirement Section; this is one of the places I needed to call to notify them of Jeffrey’s death. It took me ten days to finally get in touch with them ...
by byardl
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There are a lot of places you need to call when someone dies – Social Security being one of them. The Funeral Home notifies them, but you are also told to notify them. Jeffrey was on Social ...
by byardl
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Conservatives are fond of elevating leaders who "talk straight" and are not afraid to buck political correctness and sophistication and speak bluntly, at least as far as perceptions go. We were ...
by pierre9045
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After a short search on google for "Is secession legal", it looks to me that there is no real consensus - I suppose the only way to determine the legality/Constitutionality would be for some state ...
by relleno
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David Carr was a brilliant journalist and commentator. Gone to soon. Journalists and "talking heads" would be wise to follow his advice and direction. This video contains just a small sample of ...
by SRD
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A young, recently unemployed lawyer walked into town. News traveled fast in the small colony. Adriaen must have been well aware of the troubles between the Governor and the colonists. In October 1643,
by governance4us
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Are you a complete and total idiot? Or do you just assume your constituents are? More below the fold.
by NancyWH
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Francis Scott Key's famous lyric claims we live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Aspirationally, we applaud his word choice. Currently, we'd like to be able to agree, but ...
by Synoia
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As a systems theory person I like to look for what is lost when complex systems are reduced to their parts to supposedly help us to understand them. Politics is replete with examples of this. The ...
by don mikulecky
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Governor Sam Brownback took out the Governor's pen today to issue an executive order revoking prior policies issued by Governor Kathleen Sebelius. The Executive order, EO 15-2 turns back ...
by Chris Reeves
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Still eliminating opposition by misusing the budgets Sigh. Now that ...
by Puddytat
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The headline on the Idaho Reporter story said, “Idaho lawmakers mandate car dealership hours,” but that’s only one piece of the tale. The remainder is the portion few Idahoans see but accounts ...
by carlton
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