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I know Helen -- she is the nextdoor neighbor of close extended family i have in Wash. DC, and i got to talk to her at some length several times when I last visited them in February of this year (...
by xylem
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V.D. Hanson brings ...
by nitpicker
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The remarks of former White House correspondent, Helen Thomas, were raw and injudicious. But I’m glad somebody said them if only because it should push to the fore, one of the greatest moral ...
by Constance Hilliard
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This diary is mostly about the smear campaign aimed at Helen Thomas and how right wing propaganda easily mixes with Israeli propaganda. It is a story that people would label me as crazy if I didn't ...
by General Choomin
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There is great sadness at the end of Helen Thomas's long and valuable career. Her nasty comments allowed her critics their final moment of triumph. As if all the good she had done, speaking truth to ...
by Laurence Lewis
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I don’t expect to be able to add much that hasn’t been said already, but I want to publicly express my strong disapproval of Helen Thomas’ statement about removal (or getting the ...
by cailloux
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Yesterday, the world lost the voice of one of it's greatest journalists. Lost to the exigencies of political correctness. Hoisted on her own petard. Gone is the legacy of over 60 years of ...
by chipoliwog
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What Helen Thomas said was insensitive and mean. There is no excuse for it. Criticizing her for her tirade is valid. But the attacks coming now are completely off base and equally deranged. In ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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I do not know where to start. I have a great many conflicting views. There are no easy answers. Many early immigrants, not all, came to the US to avoid religious persecution. JFK was the first ...
by LWelsch
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Dear Mr. President, Helen Thomas's remarks were offensive to many people. I don't think there is any one, including Ms. Thomas, who would deny that. Her remarks have inspired more ...
by Augurgirl
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You. Yes, you. The person who doesn't see the problem with what Helen Thomas said. We can admire Helen Thomas for her contributions to journalism for these many years, and we don't know what is ...
by fizziks
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What's good for the goose on the Right, is good enough for the gander on the Left.
by Marianna76
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Listen, I don't agree with Helen Thomas' position that Israelis should leave Israel. However, there is nothing she said that should have deserved public shaming. From an objective point of view ...
by Dr Teeth
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Well I sure as hell would have put it differently, but it's clear that Thomas has an understanding that most of Israel's present day immigrants are mostly Ashkenazim who are European descendants of ...
by Tallahasee Lassie
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Helen Thomas resigned today for her statement in opposition of the long-standing zionist law of the Jewish right of return . Or at least that is ...
by innereye
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In the wake of the uproar over offensive comments made by longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas, she ...
by Barbara Morrill
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No matter how objectionable, are we free to speak our minds without fear of retribution? In my opinion, no. Why? because any one of us, who speaks or even misspeaks can lose our livliehoods. Just ...
by theRoaringGirl
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Just saw this announced on MSNBC, longtime White House reporter Helen Thomas is going to retire. This comes on the heels of ...
by BruinKid
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First let me get this out, I am in no way endorsing or condoning the hateful and hurtful comments that Ms. Thomas made. I do agree with the sentiment that what she said was beyond the pale and it ...
by DFutureIsNow
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This diarty is NOT about Ms. Thomas' views on Israel/Palestine. She has every right to her views. This concerns the clear bigotry against Jews entwined throughly in her stereotype-laden comments.
by borlov
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