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Recently, my little sister relayed to me a conversation she had with a friend, who I will call Katy. They were discussing the grand jury's failure to indict Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown. ...
by raanspach
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From the Guardian , Wednesday morning… [http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/dec/24/federal-review-michael-brown-eric-garner-crawford-hamilton Federal officials may use little-known civil ...
by bobswern
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We have seen more leadership for justice in America in the last few months than we have seen since 2008. Maybe it started with Rev. Barber and the Moral Mondays in North Carolina, then spread to ...
by StewartAcuff
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"And the sooner we both acknowledge this, the sooner we can begin to address the problem. So let’s talk." I came across an amazing article by Rachel Shadoan in Medium.com by Human Parts . The ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Who better to ask about the injustices in our Nation than someone who lives outside of it? This article “ Ask An American: Explaining Ferguson, Eric Garner And Tamir Rice To Canadians ” has come ...
by thinkingblue
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Video Published on Dec 6, 2014 I hope all these peaceful demonstrations will help make it safer for young black males to walk the streets of so-called ...
by thinkingblue
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...Lets discuss this... American Chokehold #Art #EricGarner #...
by Onomastic
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Like many Kossacks, I have posted about Michael Brown and Ferguson. Like Jon Stewart, I was left speechless by the Grand Jury decision about Eric Garner, briefly. I have since found my words, and ...
by Woody25
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The last year or so I have watched incidents of racially-based police brutality and violence and have not added my own voice and my own perspective. The reason for this is simple. I'm weary of ...
by cabaretic
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The breath of my people is choked, strangled...
by Onomastic
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When exceptions have become the rule, it's time to change the rule. Fairness is a concept so simple you don't even have to be human to perceive it. Try to give one pet a treat while ignoring another.
by FarWestGirl
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“At this point it looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots, like it was making him mad that I’m shooting at him.” Are African-American men superhuman? Sadly for them, no.
by draghnfly
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And away we go again. Yet another Black person gets shot for dubious reasons and his slaying isn't seen to be much of an issue by our judicial system. The trial to indict Officer Darren Wilson ...
by Ticorules
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by Matt Bors
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Seriously. Hint, murderers, nobody talks like that! No, please listen to me, Hollywood will not even take that script. Zimmerman: "He was on top of my…I shot him, and I didn't think I hit him ...
by JoanMar
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The grand jury in St. Louis County refused to return an indictment on police officer Darren Wilson, who killed the African-American young man Michael Brown. The original offense by young Brown ...
by StewartAcuff
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On the day that I happened to visit Tallahassee last summer, a group of student activists who call themselves The Dream Defenders were going into their 3rd week of physically occupying the lobby to ...
by Virally Suppressed
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So in Florida, it seems that it is perfectly ok to stalk and shoot a 17 year old black kid armed with Ice Tea and Skittles, but apparently shooting a 400 lb black bear that is trashing your house ...
by peterfallow
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I have a pop quiz for you. Can you name one young white victim of violence who has been publicly humiliated or degraded by tens of thousands of African Americans online or by key African-American ...
by Shaun King
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Rico Gray, a self-admitted abusive husband and boyfriend, took the stand Monday in a Jacksonville, Florida courtroom. He was there for Marissa Alexander's upcoming trial, to answer new pre-trial ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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