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Some here may remember that I was very active in the Senatorial campaign of Jim Webb against George Allen in 2006. Besides the fact that I could not stand Allen, my reasons included several things ...
by teacherken
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Cross Posted at The Progressive Zionist I write this diary because even though I in general oppose the Hagel nomination I think it is one of those things that will ultimately end up being about as ...
by volleyboy1
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originally posted on kindler's diary yesterday as a comment. Several people requested that I post it as its own diary, so here it is, in slightly modified form. Let me speak as a Virginian since ...
by teacherken
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Webb leaves no ground beneath Willard's feet regarding his position on the Veterans.
by Olympia
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I know a lot of us here at Dailykos worked very hard for Jim Webb. One of my most popular diaries was a Webb diary actually. Since his win he has not always pleased us here at the Orange Satan. ...
by LieparDestin
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A lot of people have been looking for this since last night. It is Sen. Jim Webb's full intro of President Obama in Virginia Beach yesterday, where he tears into Mitt Romney. President Obama's ...
by MovieJay
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While introducing President Obama at a campaign rally in Virginia Beach, Senator Jim Webb criticized Mitt Romney for not thanking, or even mentioning members of our armed forces, and veterans in ...
by HoundDog
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We have a group in Virginia called The Brigades. It consists of the core group of volunteers who participated 6 years ago in the insurgent campaign that brought Jim Webb to the Senate. The group ...
by teacherken
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Want the scoop on hot races around the country? Get the digest emailed to you each weekday morning. Sign up here . Leading Off : •
by David Nir
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Cross posted from Blue ...
by lowkell
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In a determined effort to convince the base that losing their Senate majority would be no big deal, Senate Democrats are already trying to dismantle the jobs program, and using Republican talking ...
by Geekesque
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In the salad days of my youth, when God was a teenager, I worked as a computer programmer. Once I complained to another programmer that writing programs for Windows machines was a pain in the butt. "
by Robert Naiman
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To receive the ...
by David Nir
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Hey, people are still reading this. Cool.
by Ponder Stibbons
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I'm not going to get a lot of fans for this... but... here goes...
by vatechhokies50
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Tangled Webb Saying goodbye to Senator Stoneface Suffice it to say that anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention could probably have predicted that Virginia’s ...
by Hard Left
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• AZ-Sen : As Dems cast about for a candidate in this newly open race, the last guy who ran for this seat is saying he won’t seek ...
by David Nir
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So today two Members of the United States Congress announced that they were leaving office. First there was New York Republican Congressman Chris Lee who got caught sending shirtless photos of ...
by Britethorn
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With the word this morning that Democratic Senator Jim Webb would not be seeking a second term, ...
by Steve Singiser
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Ben Smith breaks some news that bound to have heavy repercussions on the political scene in coming days:
by Susan Gardner
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