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George Bush didn't just lie through his teeth when he said that the Iraqis had passed ...
by FishOutofWater
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On Monday the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that the isolated Kurdish enclave of Kobani was "about to fall" to a massive, sustained assault from ISIS. Also on Monday, Rooz Bahjat, a ...
by gjohnsit
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by Erevann
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The weirdest thing about the Iraq War is how it always turns out that, underneath the surface, we are at war with ourselves, or one of our closest allies. For example, we could, if we wanted, refer ...
by bink
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None other than Bob "Novakula" Novak has a stunner of a column out for Monday's papers, detailing a ...
by quaoar
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Joseph Ralston : the former Nato Supreme Commander and Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was supposed to prevent a Turkish invasion of Iraq. As I noted in my preceding ...
by kidneystones
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Christopher Hitchens has been the gold standard for leftwingers who had adopted the Neocon stance on Iraq. A longtime virulent critic not only of Saddam, but of anyone who opposed the invasion, one ...
by Geekesque
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Don Rumsfeld was charged with war-crimes today. Bushco's connection to Mid-East terrorism and pork may be the next story to blow.
by kidneystones
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This will be brief and to the point. It is news to no one that the Iraqi Army is a complete joke. They are nothing more than dressed up militias with no real loyalty to the Iraqi Government. It has ...
by Han Solo
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by L C Johnson
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As if we needed any more evidence how the war in Iraq is fucking up the entire region Turkey's army chief said ...
by Roatti
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My transcript from AlJazzeera English video (below). Turkey had threatened this for months but it still caught everyone by surprise . . . Turkey claimed 10,000 soldiers ...
by LithiumCola
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A decade ago, many Americans chose to be fooled by the Lying Squad of Bush, Cheney, and Powell, into rallying 'round for Operation Iraq Liberation. Mission Accomplished! The facts were there, the ...
by ActivistGuy
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This is a breaking news item, so it won't be much of a diary. Al Arabiya is reporting that Daesh(ISIS) "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been critically wounded in an airstrike in Iraq that was ...
by Lawrence
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After their dramatic drive through much of north-western Iraq in June, the military situation between ISIS and the Iraqi government has mostly stalemated. ISIS has repeatedly tried and ...
by gjohnsit
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Elements of the PKK based in the Kurdish northern part of Iraq recently conducted a cross-border raid into Turkey and took, they claim, eight Turkish soldiers hostage. What follows is a ...
by LithiumCola
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Well, it wasn't exactly the cavalry, but it was its modern day equivalent: The Air Force. To be more specific, it was a U.S. Air Force B-1 Lancer that seems to have made all the difference. And, ...
by Lawrence
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Kurd PKK terrorists killed nine Turkish soldiers today, all but ensuring a ...
by kidneystones
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by BentLiberal
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Heads-up, moving to live blog II: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/06/12/1306503/-Iraq-live-blog-II-Mortor-rounds-and-rockets-at-Bahdad-International-airport A handful of us have been ...
by smiley7
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