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This time in a televised local debate, in front of an audience of interested voters and party loyalists. A spectacular fail, and I'm not exaggerating. "Legitimate rape", "Macaca", "47%", when we ...
by 3rdOption
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You've probably heard of the "Walmart effect", where the kinder and gentler Walmart of at least a decade ago used it's massive buying power to lower prices for consumers. Since then Walmart has ...
by GearheadGrrrl
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I'm obviously referencing Dopper0189's rec listed diary about DEFUNDING CONSERVATISM. It's ...
by mdmslle
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A friend of mine from Lombard, IL has been trying to get her city to allow citizens to raise chickens, and is now trying to get the city to consider purchasing some of its power from renewable ...
by Muskegon Critic
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I live and work in Appleton, Wisconsin. Two of our Alderman elections were won by people I know and respect. Both were first-timers. I just got back from an election party ...
by BettyPageisaBlonde
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by aaraujo
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by kid oakland
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If I had my wish, Jamie Oliver would be making over our School Lunch Program as he did in England. Well, they call it School Dinners , but all ...
by Ellinorianne
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Hell's Bells, everything's for sale nowadays. The money grubbers get their fingers into everything they can, and after a while they own it outright or they kill it outright to extract a few dollars ...
by antifa
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Last night I sprung a last-minute fundraising drive on readers here at dailykos. You responded. 27 of you made ...
by kid oakland
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In the past I've written essays here that have tried to shine a light on the path ahead. Despite the hopeful outcome of November's elections, recent events make clear that the path ahead for ...
by kid oakland
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Today, I'd like to ask you to do something unusual. In involves a pen or pencil and one sheet of paper. There's nothing all that consequential about the particulars of what you do with that ...
by kid oakland
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as well as towns and even villages. Indiana's Open Door law seems to forbid these planned actions, so I asked the Public Access Counselor for his opinion. Can you use your State Law to stop ALEC's ...
by CroneWit
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My schedule is a bit annoyingly irregular in the summer, and I can pretty well guarantee that I will be out of town on the day of the August primary. We don't have early voting, but we do have ...
by annetteboardman
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Well not lose, maybe. But run! For public office. You. If you are reading this, chances are you have a chip on your shoulder because I've interacted with quite a number of you and I mean that chip ...
by hazzcon
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President Obama and lying Romney may be close in opinion polls but when it comes to early voting, the President is winning and winning big in Reuters/Ipsos latest poll. Obama grabs wide ...
by Onomastic
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These are our volunteers, randallt, davehouck and Lamont Cranston. Would love to add your picture!
by randallt
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More IraqNam ...
by ActivistGuy
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by archerhouse
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I sit on the floor of the Duck House with thirty others, brainstorming for the January action. Neither men nor women dominate the group. We are young, and surprisingly old. Counter-culture and ...
by TPau
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