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Mad Men, NOT the best show on television. What do you tell yourself at night, when you lay your head down, that allows you to wake up in the morning pretending that you're not the bad guy? - Boyd ...
by Armando
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I'm a straight man. Let me tell you what I hear, as a straight man, when I'm told, "Don't worry! Homosexuality is no threat to masculinity..." I hear that masculinity is something normal, natural,
by Silencio
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Mitt Romney has assembled a large, and eclectic group of advertising veterans, in a modern four room video production studio, and "massive video archive," in his Boston headquarters, with a $200 ...
by HoundDog
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Conservatives are crazy, but never quite as crazy as when they talk about sex, particularly homosexuality. Consider the conservative theory of human sexuality, which, as best as I can figure, ...
by Silencio
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One of the rocks that the debate on women's issues seems to founder on, over and over again, is the disparity of reward that seems to be available for men and women in the process of shifting from ...
by serendipityisabitch
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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest (graphic by palantir ) The OND is published each night around midnight, Eastern Time. The originator of OND was Magnifico .
by BentLiberal
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Marriage equality is a struggle for civil rights, a matter of equal treatment and justice. I think most on this site agree about that. I think most of us also agree that opposition to marriage ...
by Silencio
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Caution: McCann Erickson May Be Hazardous To Your Hard-Fought Advances Against The Patriarchy. /Mad Men/ begins with an image of a man falling from a skyscraper; this week, it's the ladies' turn. ...
by Adam B
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Courtesy AMCtv "Now I understand. You want to feel shitty, right until the point where I take your dress off. Because I'm going to do that." —Don Draper Don knows what he's going to do, because ...
by Adam B
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In a show which rivals The Good Wife for uncomfortable elevator scenes, this was really something. (Courtesy AMCtv) /Is that all there is?/ For the entire gang at Sterling Cooper & Partners, that'...
by Adam B
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Once upon a time, the good guys wore white and were ...
by Doctor RJ
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It means only one thing to those of us of a certain age . It was the day of days, the event of our national lives. That ...
by Barth
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There were many great moments in tonight's State of The Union Speech, by President Barack Obama. Here was just one of them ... State of the Union 2014 : President Obama Says Women Deserve Equal ...
by jamess
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July 20, 1969 It is humbling to try to write about an episode of tv like Sunday's midseason finale of /Mad Men/, one which redeemed an occasionally scattered run of episodes with an hour of ...
by Adam B
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Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) and Bonnie Whiteside (Jessy Schram) (Photo by Jordin Althaus/AMC) Look at those two, smiling in sunny California. Because they appear to be the only happy people ...
by Adam B
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Really, Peggy? Really? (Via AMCtv.com) When a giant metaphor is called out as a giant metaphor throughout an episode, does it lose or gain metaphorical (or real) weight? These are the sorts of ...
by Adam B
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Ted Chaough, on the hot seat (courtesy AMCtv) This week's episode is mostly about the characters who know who they are, and those who aren't as self-aware.
by Adam B
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SC&P's Power Trio? This week's Mad Men episode is a series of short stories about disappointment. Every character we see—and in that regard it's noteworthy that we don't see Pete ...
by Adam B
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(Three people with plans. Courtesy AMCtv) Margarine. It's not the same thing as butter, it's not the real thing, and no one likes it as much. Don, in particular, doesn't realize that everyone is ...
by Adam B
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(Courtesy AMCtv.) Close the door. Have a seat. We cannot discuss this episode, in which the ramifications of "The Other Woman" continue to affect our world as clients are gained and lost because ...
by Adam B
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